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10 Cafes In Whitefield To Go To On A Boring Day


Whitefield is not an easy place to navigate, even for someone who has lived/worked there for a long time. But fret not because we have you sorted with a list of incredible things that every food lover can do and around the area. And, no, it’s not just mall or pub-hopping.

We’ve picked out ten things that you can do only in Whitefield {okay and a little away as well, but in our defense, we consider it all Whitefield}– a bucket list of sorts for the unmissable experiences here. How many have you checked off your list?

Spend A Day  At TherPup, The City’s First Dog Cafe

Located at an elegant house with a big yard in Whitefield, TherPup is a haven for pet lovers and their furry friends. Here you can spend hours lazing around on chairs and beanbags, while you play catch with your pet. If you don’t have a pet, don’t worry, you can spend some quality time with the resident pooches of the café, which includes golden retrievers, labs, and indies.

That’s not all – you can even enjoy some quick bites like French Toast, fries, sandwiches, and hot beverages. Don’t forget to pamper your pets with special treats like cookie platters, sweet potato treats, boiled chicken and rice, and whole rotis dipped in honey.

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Gorge On Some Authentic Andhra Food

Over the last many years, Andhra cuisine has been among the top favorites for the people. And at Whitefield, you have not one but two incredible restaurants that serve some authentic Andhra food like different types of biryani, prawns, mutton, tandoori starters, Andhra thalis, and desserts. The first restaurant is Nagas, which is in the Ascendas Park Square Mall. Stop here after a hectic shopping extravaganza. You can also head to Shanmukha, where you can order up plates of their fragrant biryani, their succulent Chicken Lollypop and their spice-loaded Andhra Chicken Curry {it’s easily one of the best in the city}.

Other options for similar cuisine are Jubli Biryani and Achaar, both of who serve some incredible biryanis. Achaar also has buffet meals, so if you are planning to go out in a group, this restaurant is a good pick.

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Enjoy Some Lip-Smacking Pancakes And Burgers

Make your way to Cafesta and bite into one of their Chocolate Waffle with customized toppings. The perfect blend of crunchy and light, waffles at this café are priced reasonably as well. What’s more, is you can use your digibank debit card and avail a 10 percent discount on the bill as well.

If pancakes are not your cup of tea, head to Inhouse Burger that serves three different categories of burgers. Don’t forget to order some fries as well.

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Indulge In Some Sinful Desserts

There is nothing in this world that cannot be solved by some delicious dessert. And if you have a sweet tooth, head right to Happy Endings that is popular for its handcrafted chocolates, cakes, and pastries. They also serve a few chocolate-based drinks as well. This one is worth breaking your diet.

Tip – Use your card to get a 15 percent discount on your meal.

Snack On Some Rolls At Roll Junction

Bored of the bland, overdosing-on-sauce rolls? Head straight to Roll Junction that serves a wide variety of rolls from paneer, baby-corn and mushroom rolls to chicken, mutton and egg rolls. They also offer French Fries and Veg Nuggets, which means that even your vegetarian friends will go home happy. Lunch on the go? Get your hunger pangs sorted here.

Tip – Use your card to get a 15 percent discount on your meal.

Binge On Sizzlers, Burgers, And Shakes

Located in the Ascendas Park Square Mall, Hottey Smokey is a very pocket-friendly place that offers plenty of quick bite options. The menu comprises of sizzlers {goes without saying}, burgers, sandwiches, rolls, salads along with a few conventional sides. Since the café is a part of the food court, it is best to visit during the weekdays, as weekends tend to be a bit crowded. You can even avail a 15 percent discount on your meal when you use your card here.

If sizzlers are not your cup of tea, head to Chatpata India that serves Indian snacks like samosa, kachori, vada pav, chaat, and others. Stop here for a quick break, while shopping in the mall and refuel yourself with these tasty yet quick bites. Also, make sure you use your card and get a 10 percent discount on your bill as well.

Energize Yourself With Smoothies And Shakes

There are not one, not two but three incredible juice and smoothie serving outlets in Whitefield. Serving everything from fruit juices like mango, orange, pineapple, beetroot to faloodas with ice cream and fresh cream, Duke of Juices is a must-visit for people with a sweet tooth. That’s not all. You can use your card and get a 15 percent discount on your bill as well.

Alternatively, you can also visit Cheers Life that boasts of healthy drink with a unique twist {get 10 percent discount when you use your card}. If on the other hand, you want to pair your drinks with some quick bites, Drunken Monkey has you sorted. Best part? At Drunken Monkey, you can even get one complimentary smoothie, when you use your card. Need more reasons to go?

Chomp Down On Some Delicious North Indian Flavors

Heading to this part of town? Don’t forget to make your way to Shaan-e-Punjab or Treat, where you can enjoy some fantastic Punjabi cuisine, complete with starters like chicken tikka, mutton tikka along with butter chicken, biryani and combo meals. If you like delicious and mouth-watering Punjabi dishes, these two restaurants are a no-brainer for you.

Also, make sure you pay with your card and avail a 10 percent discount at both the places mentioned above.

Give In To Your Chinese And {Mexican} Cravings

If there’s one thing that makes us feel better no matter how bad our day is going, it’s a plate piled with noodles, chili chicken and copious amounts of red chili sauce. And if you are in Whitefield, you can head straight to the Fujian Express that serves a wide variety of Chinese dishes that are easy on the pocket as well. If you are someone who would like to skip appetizers, yet not be starving when the main course arrives, try one of their soups. Their sizzlers is a complete meal in itself. Make sure to use your card to avail a 15 percent discount on your bill.

If you are in the mood to experiment with some new cuisine, California Burrito offers some exceptional Mexican dishes in the area. Order their snachos, quesadilla and peri peri bites that are pretty reasonable, both in terms of quantity and price. Best part? You can even get a Pink Lemonade complimentary when you use your card.

Experience Fine Dining At Ebony

When it comes to fine dining, Ebony is one of the few places that never fails to impress. Boasting of both indoor and outdoor seating area, head here for a quiet dinner with your SO or a quick post-work hang-out with your colleagues. The restaurant serves dishes from both the North Indian and South Indian cuisine base, some recipes we recommend include Salonee Broccoli, Mushroom Galouti Kebabs, Gunpowder Eggs, Patiala Talli Murg and Prawn Curry. Don’t forget to order their delicious Teder Coconut Scoffle or Malai Kulfi for desserts. Highly recommended!

Tip – Use your card and get a 15 percent discount as well. Yay right?

Find out more about such exciting offers at digiXplore that is also located at International Tech Park, Whitefield. Come say hello!

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