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Can’t Do Without Breakfast? These Places In Bengaluru Are Perfect For You


Everyone knows that breakfast is the most important meal of the day and if you are a believer of the same ideology, welcome abroad. From crispy bacon, eggs, and toast to hot idlis, sambar and vadas, these breakfast places in Bengaluru will give you the best start to your day. After all, breakfast for champions deserve the best venues, right?

1. Airlines

A local adda, Airlines Hotel is an iconic establishment serving up simple south Indian dishes that are budget friendly. Its open-air ambiance serves you fresh air along with buttery dosas, fluffy idlis, crispy vadas, and spicy Mangalore buns. If you want to try something more, North Indian then order yourself some parathas, chole bhature or pav bhaji. Finish it off with a glass of masala chaas or the city favorite filter coffee.
Opens – 7am onwards

2. Shivam Snacks Corner

Shivam Snacks Corner -  Live More Zone

Craving maggi for breakfast? Leave your kitchen and head to Shivam Snacks Corner for a variety of different styles of maggi with many combinations of spices and ingredients. They serve maggi made with chicken, potatoes, cheese, and chili sauce. If you are an experimenter, we challenge you to give their versions of maggi a try.
Opens – 8am onwards

3. Smoke House Deli

With an extensive breakfast menu that includes cereal, fruit, and granola along with pancakes {banana and bacon, walnut and raisin, and chocolate chip} and bagels {salmon and wasabi and cream cheese}, there is enough here to keep any breakfast lover happy and satisfied. Add to that, they have an endless selection of eggs, from fried to poached along with teas and coffee. The best part is that it is an ideal spot for a late morning meeting as well.

4. The Hole in the Wall Café

The Hole in the Wall Café -  Live More Zone

For the lovers of a massive, hearty breakfast, The Hole in the Wall Cafe serves up some mean platters! Their traditional English breakfast served with eggs, bacon, sausages, mash potatoes, and bread is a hit among the crowd. They also have a platter called the Goan Sausage Fest that comes with spicy Goan sausage, eggs, and bread.
If you like to end things on a sweet note, gobble up on some of their waffles and pancakes.
Opens – 8am onwards

5. Social

Social -  Live More Zone

There is no denying the ease of walking up to a Social’s outlet and knowing for sure that your hunger will be served well. Social’s is known to be a calm, co-working space that turns into a hangout joint by the evening. But what you may not know is their breakfast spread; their saddlebags pancakes are a must try!

6. Shri Sagar – CTR

Home to the unsung hero {OK maybe it is not that unsung}, the Benne Masala Dosa at Shri Sagar is a local favorite. The gleaming, crispy dosas in the signature yellow plates has been enjoyed by many generations of people and is an ideal breakfast pick. Not too fatty but rich in taste and flavor, this one is sure to keep you coming back for more. However, be warned that there is a long line here, so come early.


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