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5 Spots To Hit For Hangover-Friendly Breakfasts


Hit by hunger pangs after a night of partying? Next time, just lurk around and wait for the sun to come up so that you can grab some breakfast at one of the places mentioned below. And no, we are not talking about a idli-vada combo or a simple toast, but a full-fledged breakfast, complete with bacon, pancakes, sausages and omelettes. Trust us, with a breakfast spread like this, you will have every reason to party all night.

Excited? Let’s start.

154 Breakfast Club

Known for their pancakes and waffles, their menu offers a huge variety including banana and chocolate, strawberry, and, even coconut varieties. If you are feeling very hungry, we recommend you order their Three Way Breakfast that comprises of pancakes, scrambled eggs, bacon, and a slice of toast. In case you are open to experimentation, you can even try their Bacon & Chicken Waffle which is their classic waffles topped with stir fried chicken in mushroom sauce and then finished off with bacon. Order now!


A fine option to hit up for breakfast lovers, Social at Church Street has everything from breakfast trays to Saddlebags {pancakes with bacon, sausages, maple syrup and eggs}, perfect to drive your hunger pangs away. Best part? They serve alcohol all through the day, which means that you can pair that Bun Omelette with Long Iced Tea. However, be warned, you might just be tempted to lounge around here all through the day.

Monkey Bar

An all time favourite for breakfast lovers all over the city, Monkey bar has a perfect menu for a night after partying. This includes breakfast burgers to toast loaded with eggs, cheese, Goan chorizo and chutney, coupled with special cocktails.

Besides their regular offerings, they have also added pizza on their menu and we cannot stop talking about their Pork Lover’s Pizza that is a triple serving of Goan chorizo, pork sausage and bacon. In short, break the rules and order pizza for breakfast – it’s totally worth it.

Tip – Keep your debit card handy as you might be tempted to order everything from the menu!


A good combination of charming interiors and delicious menu items, Bottlegger is located at both Indiranagar and Lavelle Road. Check out their Healthy Mornings platter that has fruits, cereal and porridge to be had with coffee, tea or fresh juice. But if you would rather stick to basics, feel free to order their English Breakfast that has everything from mushrooms, baked beans, hash browns, sausages, bacon, toast and eggs to order.

You can also choose to have their pancakes, waffles, French toast and eggs {they have everything from boiled to scrambled} along with tea or coffee.

Pecos Stones

Can’t decide what you want to have for breakfast? Fret not and head right to Pecos Stone in Indiranagar. Here you can choose between South Indian food in the form of stew {available in both chicken and vegetable option} with appam. Don’t forget your beer though!

If South Indian food is not your calling, pick their English Breakfast that comes loaded with bacon, sausages, eggs, mashed potato and three {yup, specifically} slices of toast. What are you waiting for? Order right away!

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