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No Weekend Plans? Here Are Bangalore Weekend Getaways


The Lowdown

So let us get this straight, Sathodi waterfalls is a hidden gem in Karnataka that definitely deserves more attention in your social media feed than many other touristy hotspots! (no offense) It is often regarded as the ‘queen of waterfalls’ and is located in the Uttara Kannada region in the Yellapur district of Karnataka. Since it not that popular among tourists, it has a very relaxed vibe and is best suited for a family picnic or a daylong weekend trip with friends.

1. How Do I Get Here?

Yellapur is approximately 423 km from Bangalore. Easiest would be to hire a cab. If not, bus and train rides are very convenient. Or you could even extract a road-trip out of the whole experience by booking a car online {tip: use your digibank Debit card and avail discounts}. Once there, a short muddy trail would lead you to the magical waterfalls.

2. What’s Around?

There is not much to see around except stare at this gift of nature. If you are looking for solitude or love the jungle vibe, then Sathodi waterfalls is where you should be.

3. What to pack?

The 50-foot-high cascade is set between two steep rocks and is surrounded by a muddy surface that can be quite slippery. Make sure you wear comfortable rainy shoes to avoid a nasty fall. A picnic basket and some books is all you will need to make the most out of this thrilling experience.

Tip: Since it surrounded by lush green forests, we would advise you make your way back home before sunset as it can get pretty dark in there. Also, the road leading up to the waterfall is not fenced, so be a little extra cautious while driving.

Perfect For: Short break, weekend getaway


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