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If You Are Planning A Trip Then These Are The Things To Do In Karwar


A small beach town located between Gokarna and Goa, Karwar is a great getaway destination that allows travelers to unwind on the beach while also offering a host of adventure activities. From snorkeling to dolphin spotting, and spice-laden seafood — there are enough things to do in Karwar that will keep you happily engaged throughout your trip.

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1. How To Reach

You can always trust the good ol’ Indian railways to take you there, as the view is quite scenic, though if you’re strapped for time, a flight would be a good idea. If you ask us, though, renting a car of your own and making it there on your own terms is the best option, as you can explore exactly what you want without the constraints of transport schedules. Book a budget vehicle provider online {don’t forget to use this card and get an INR 5,000 discount on your first month ZAP Subscription from Zoomcar}, to make sure there are options available in terms of cars and the amount of money you’d end up spending on reaching there.

Karwar is located 522 km from Bengaluru and requires nine hours by road and 10 hours by train.

2. Adventure-Lovin

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Image courtesy – Pexels

Located in the pristine and yet—relatively-untouched north of Karnataka, Karwar is an ideal place for adventure lovers to do their thing in peace. There are a bunch of adventure activities to indulge in here, including snorkeling, banana boating, and diving. They can be arranged by local brands you’d find around the beach and tiny settlements nearby, though you could always just go for a swim on your own. It’s one of the few places in the nearby area where you can still spot dolphins, though make sure to read up on dolphins before actually trying to pet them (you have been warned).

For rock climbers, Yana is a small town some 60 km away from Karwar with a bunch of climbable rocks, though we’d recommend speaking to local experts before you actually get into it.

3. Sightseeing

For activities other than adventure, there are a few things nearby that you could do, as well. Other than the slew of clean and empty beaches ready to be explored, there’s Sadashivgad fort – an old Maratha fort – to check out. It’s a beautiful fort located by the Kali river, where you could also check out the picturesque Kali river bridge {go during sunsets for best effect}.

In general, though, the whole region is quite picturesque and made up of {relatively} tiny hills and lots of greenery, so as long as you took our idea of hiring your own car for it, there are a lot of places to explore.

Featured image courtesy – Pexels



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