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Here Is A Complete List of Dry Days In Delhi For 2019


For all those who appreciate their liquor {even occasionally}, it’s no surprise that there are a few days in the year, when they cannot buy some in stores around them, aka dry days. Although, you might find bootleggers selling on those days, it is often expensive and fake. But fret not because we have found a way around it – by stocking up on alcohol, a day or two in advance.

Here’s a whole list of dry days in Delhi during the upcoming months of 2019 that you can print and stick to your fridge, so that you can stock up on alcohol and never let dry days ruin your upcoming party plans.

The complete list of dry days in Delhi for 2019

Date Day of the Week Event / Holiday
4/17/2019 Wednesday Mahavir Jayanti
4/19/2019 Friday Good Friday
10-12 May 2019 Friday to Monday General Elections in Delhi
5/18/2019 Saturday Buddha Purnima
5/23/2019 Thursday Election Results
6/4/2019 Tuesday Eid-ul-Fitr
7/12/2019 Friday Ashadhi Ekadashi
7/16/2019 Tuesday Guru Purnima
8/11/2019 Sunday Bakri Eid
8/24/2019 Saturday Janmashtami
9/2/2019 Monday Ganesh Chaturthi
9/28/2019 Saturday Muharram
10/2/2019 Wednesday Gandhi Jayanti
10/8/2019 Tuesday Dussehra
10/13/2019 Sunday Valmiki Jayanti
10/27/2019 Sunday Diwali
11/9/2019 Saturday Eid-Ul-Milad
11/12/2019 Tuesday Guru Purab
11/23/2019 Saturday Guru Nanak Jayanti
12/25/2019 Wednesday Christmas

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