21 August 2019 | 2 min read

4 Pet Salons That Come Home To You


From buying them expensive toys that they rip to shreds in seconds to making sure they’re as comfortable as they pawsibly can be, there isn’t much we wouldn’t do for our beloved doggos and kitties.

But for senior pets, pets with separation anxiety or even pets with car sickness, bathtime can be a real nightmare. Luckily, we have real, unsung heroes who come straight to our doorsteps to do our ‘dirty work’ for us. Check out our list of mobile pet salons in Delhi that come straight to your house:

1. Flying Fur

Flying Fur - Live More Zone

A full-service grooming van on wheels, Flying Fur provides services for small and large dogs both. They’re super sanitary and have a pretty big tub and table. They offer regular baths, essential grooming, aromatherapy, and even natural therapy treatments for dogs; cats can choose between basic grooming or the full-service package. They also have special birthday packages! Prices start at INR 1200.

2. Wiggly Tails

Wiggly Tails - Live More Zone

One of the first mobile vans in the city, Wiggly Tails offers regular baths and grooming packages for cats and dogs. Their groomers are experienced and courteous, and they do make an effort to be extra-nice to your pets. The only thing we don’t like? You can put in a request to ‘buy’ dogs through their site. Boo! #AdoptDon’tShop.

3. Trumppetz

Trumppetz - Live More Zone

Fairly popular in Gurgaon, Trumppetz offers oil massages, pawdicures, bubble baths and other aroma spa therapy essentials for your pets. They’re punctual, efficient and hygienic: what more could you ask for really?

Tip – Though they accept cash, it is best to keep your card handy for ease of payments.

4. Pet Hugs

Pet Hugs - Live More Zone

A mobile pet grooming service, Pet Hugs is happy to groom your dogs and cats in the comfort of your house. The guys will come with their bag of tools, will use your washroom/balcony {whichever is convenient} and start their work instantly. Neat, clean, and efficient, we suggest you stop dragging your pet out in this relentless heat.

That’s not all. Pet Hugs also provide pet products and boarding for your pets, whenever you plan to go on a holiday. You can also avail their laboratory services that include health care and tests for your dogs. Trust us, it is a one stop solution to all your pet grooming needs.


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