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Run The Extra Mile With These Running Clubs In Delhi


It doesn’t matter if you’re taking part in the upcoming marathons or need to keep in shape, running clubs are an excellent option for almost everyone. Almost all of them provide professional running training; all you need to do is show up.

Also, make sure you combine your running regime with a proper diet for better results. You can book your very own dietician on UrbanClap, where you can choose someone who matches not just your budget, but also your specific requirements and timings as well.

Reebok Running Squad

Reebok runs multiple chapters of their running club, Reebok Running Squad, in and around Delhi, including places like Gurgaon and Faridabad. It’s a great option for those who take their running seriously. They have professional trainers who’re helpful enough to help you design your fitness routine, as long as you ask nicely. They get together on Saturdays and Sundays. 

Indian Track Club

Equipped with synthetic tracks and high-quality training equipment, the Indian Track Club brings together a team of athletes, coaches, medicine & massage therapists, to help runners of all types. They have three kinds of training: Beginner’s Training for novice runners, Speed & Form for professional sportspeople, and Marathon Training for athletes training for a half or full marathons. However, keep in mind that they meet only on Saturdays, though. 

Nike+ Run Club

Nike has its running club and is another option for those training for marathons. They have professional trainers that can train you according to your target, as well as teach you personally. This one includes other endurance and stamina exercises, as well, so make sure to keep hydrated. 

Gurgaon Road Runners

Gurgaon Road Runner is a resident community-made group that includes members from across G town and is perfect for anyone who stays around there. It’s not for the professional runner, though it still makes for great exercise.

Sunday Run Club

If your Sundays always end up getting wasted {we are not judging, anyone}, Sunday Run Club is a great thing to do to add some fitness into the mix. Only limited to East Delhi residents, the group still requires you to be on time and run professional-length laps. So it’s more serious than it may come across.


With free training sessions throughout the week, RunXtreme requires the right level of dedication as they usually early in the mornings. They run in smaller groups over the week and in larger groups over the weekend. While you can generally find them in Nehru Park and Lodhi Garden, they also operate in many other locations across the city {you might find one right behind your house} as well.

Where: Nehru Park, Lodhi Garden

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