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Visit These Places For Best Pizza In Delhi


Pizza is pizza. Well, wrong! There are good pizzas, and then there are pizzas that lift your soul, make all the extra carbs worth it and transport you to pizza heaven with just one exactly crispy, hot bite.

Here’s where we like to get our pizza fix; the kinds of places where you dunk your crust in lovely olive oil, making sure no crumb is left behind. Below is the list of best pizza in Delhi.

1. Fig, Bacon & Blue Cheese Pizza, Cafe Tesu

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Image courtesy – Pexels

A beautifully put-together cafe, and located excellently, if we do say so ourselves, Tesu does many things right, but this is their best pizza in Delhi.

2. Pommery Chicken Sausage & Bacon Pizza, Fio

With caramelized onion, poached egg, mozzarella, and plum sauce, this is what we call a breakfast pizza done right. Breakfast pizza is a thing, change our minds.

3. Etna, Pizza Express

Pizza Express only serves up the hand-rolled dough, and a lot of their ingredients are flown in from overseas. With spicy sausage, ham, jalapeños and Emilgrana {Polish cheese}: Pizza Express sure knows their pizzas. This is one of our all-time faves, as is the Pollo Forza. Vegetarians, we recommend Calabrese.

4. Four-Fourths Pizza, Big Chill

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Image courtesy – Unsplash

If you’ve been eating only pasta at Big Chill all these years, we feel bad for you. As the name suggests, it’s got four different types of toppings: chorizo, pepperoni, ham and chicken. Meat lovers unite, amirite? Plus, the cheese is super gooey and stringy each time too. Yum!

5. Margherita Pizza, Cafe Tonino

Vegetarians, you didn’t think we’d forget you, did you? This wood-fired, thin-crust Margherita puts other veggie pizzas to shame. You’ll be left wondering how you ate those doughy pizzas for so many years. The Provenzale is another veggie favourite.

6. Grilled Fig Pizza, EVOO

Goats cheese, pine nuts, caramelized onions, and grilled figs: Shivalik’s EVOO hits the spot every single time. Non-vegetarian only? Try their Calabrian Pork sausage pizza, which also happens to be divine.

7. Prosciutto, Diva

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Image courtesy – Unsplash

Pick anything off the menu at Diva, and you’re guaranteed great flavors, love your meat as much as we do? This has parma ham, mushroom, cooked ham, and parmesan and is as delicious as it is simple.

8. All The Stars, Pizza On My Plate (POMP)

We really do love our meat. This has diced chicken, lamb, bacon, and bacon jam and is just excellent. Vegetarians try the Four Cheese Formaggi, which is basically like a margherita on steroids.

9. Prosciutto Di Parma E Rucola Pizza, Leo’s

Best had with lots of rocket on top, Leo’s pizzas always taste authentic and super-fresh. Really, we’d recommend anything off their menu, but this one with parma ham, buffalo mozzarella, rucola and grana padano sweeps it away.

10. No Cheese Pizza, Olive

Counting calories? You can count on Olive. Pesto, greens, and Italian plum tomatoes come together with olive oil and a perfectly crispy crust. This is an absolute winner.

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Featured image courtesy – Unsplash


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