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Vegan Ice Cream Brands That You Should Put On Your Radar


Ice creams are too good a treat for us not to enjoy all together. And while there might be a handful of people who have chosen to become vegan, there are many others who struggle to enjoy diary due to dietary complications. So, do those of us who can’t eat dairy or nuts wither away at the end of our miserable, ice-cream-restricted lives? Not on the watch of these brands, who are known for crafting fantastic ice creams that are not just vegan but also high on taste as well.

Here are the vegan ice cream brands in Delhi you should order from right away!

1. White Cub

White Cub

Delhi based White Cub is one of the first dairy-free ice cream brands to launch in India with ten common ice cream flavours in 2 sizes – 125 ml and 500 ml. They are currently available in Delhi NCR, Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, and Rishikesh.

2. Vegan Heart

Vegan Heart

Founded by Kanupriya, Vegan Heart has a range of vegan, sugar-free, and plant-based ice cream offerings. Only using dates as a sweetener, their ice-creams have no harmful chemicals or artificial preservatives. Their available flavours include strawberry, vanilla, Mawa Malai, Belgian Chocolate, Pista Kesar, and Coffee Walnut, among others.

3. Vegan Bites

Vegan Bites

One of the only vegan ice cream brands in India with a wide range of flavours like cookies and cream to black sesame, Vegan Bites has been up and running for seven years. Founded by Samir and Hemali Prasad in 2011, they make non-dairy ice creams using Coconut, Soy & Almond. Sugars used are natural, lactose-free, and without any use of preservatives, stabilizers, emulsifiers, any essence, or artificial flavours.

4. Papacream


With three branches in Mumbai, Papacream by Tanvi Chowdhri is a healthy and delicious vegan ice cream brand. The natural sugars present in these ice creams have a low glycaemic index, which makes them suitable for diabetics, weightwatchers, and vegans.

Some of their available ice cream flavours include the following –

  • Vegan Peanut Butter Jelly–rich peanut butter ice cream layered with crunchy peanuts with streaks of jelly
  • Vegan Chocolate–Sinful dairy-free chocolate ice cream
  • Vegan Mango–Fruity Mango Coconut ice-cream
  • Vegan Fudgy Chococake–Sinful dairy-free chocolate ice-cream layered with a fudgy brownie
  • Raspberry Sorbet–Pure berry bliss to beat the heat

5. Hangyo

Mangalore based ice cream brand Hangyo in association with the GOI released two plant-based ice cream flavours at the 90th Foundation Day celebration of the Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR) in New Delhi. The coconut milk-based ice cream is available in Coconut Delicacy and Choconut Delicacy flavours.

6. The Vegan Bowl

The Vegan Bowl

Chennai’s first-ever vegan ice cream brand, The Vegan Bowl, is the youngest of the brands. They make their products from locally sourced ingredients and plant-based milk, which is then served in glass jars with freshly baked cakes at the base and ice cream on top. Some of their popular flavours include the following –

  • The Berry Cute One {strawberry flavoured}
  • Quite A’Peeling {a combo of banana and chocolate flavoured treat}
  • Got That Coffeels
  • Beat The Blues {blueberry flavoured ice cream}
  • Chanberries {cranberries and chocolate cake}
  • Spikey Fine’Apple {vanilla sponge cake and fragrant pineapple ice cream}
  • The Chocolate Therapy {strawberry cake and indulgent chocolate ice cream}

What are you ordering today?


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