26 March 2019 | 3 min read

Places Near Delhi To Spend Weekend Under INR 5,000


First things first: forget Mussoorie, Neemrana and other done-to-death tourist traps. If you live in Delhi, {or have a basic sense of geography} you probably already know that there are a gazillion places nearby that you could choose to go to every weekend.

But if you’re looking for something on a serious college-student-at-the-end-of-the-month budget, we’ve got you covered. Read on and book your next getaway for just INR 5,000 or less. Yes, we are not kidding.

1. Jaipur

Jaipur - Live More Zone

Yes, we know we just warned you about tourist traps but if you want a budget-friendly holiday that combines a road-trip, monuments, super cheap hostel options, and fantastic street food, this is a safe bet.

Want to skip the jostling about on a bus? Book a cab online; hatchbacks start at a very affordable INR 70 per hour. The best part? You can use your digibank debit card to avail discounts as well.

2. McLeodganj

McLeodganj - Live More Zone

Grab an evening bus from Majnu Ka Tila for this one and sleep your way to McLeodganj. There’s one every hour or so, but we do recommend booking ahead, of course. They’re rarely punctual but hey, that just means extra time to eat buff fry and Tingmo.

Once you get to McLeodganj, ask around and people will direct you to affordable accommodation options. This doesn’t work during on-season time unfortunately, when everything is booked, but then what are online deals for? #BudgetLife

3. Rishikesh

Rishikesh - Live More Zone

Everyone who ever went to Delhi University has made the budget Rishikesh trip at least once in their lifetimes, and for good reason. With rafting, super-unsafe bungee jumping, unsanitary camping and beautiful views, it’s a mixed bag, but a lovely one. There are tons of ashrams and hostels here that are mind-blowingly affordable — enough for you to go at least twice this year.

4. Varanasi

Varanasi - Live More Zone

This is one of the oldest living cities in the world and if you’ve ever skipped over it in favor of a more happening destination, well we don’t blame you. But if you’re looking for something that is a little less happening and involves a lot more soul-soul-searching, then this is it. A visit to the banks of the river Ganga is free, but the introspection that comes with it? Priceless.

We suggest you take the train to Varanasi and back; it’s absolutely hassle-free.

5. Vrindavan

Vrindavan - Live More Zone

If, like us, you thought you were lucky that your parents never dragged you here and ruined your weekend plans, you were wrong. We’re not saying you need to be religious or that you must go and pray, but a visit here is worth it just for the sights and sounds. The number of people, the colours, the noise — it’s all overwhelming but also makes for some spectacular photography.

It’s only three and a half hours away by car, so we recommend an online car rental for this one too.


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