7 July 2020 | 4 min read

7 Fun Ways to Stay Connected Through Video Calls


It’s confession time – video calls and hangouts are now a whole lot less fun than they used to be at first. Maybe it was fun for a brief moment at the start of social distancing days, when the prospect of talking to all our friends at once virtually was still a mainly unexplored one {for people whose loved ones do not usually live far away}. But now three months done the line, virtual calls have become less fun and exciting.

With the novelty wearing off rapidly, even the best-planned video parties can quickly devolve into a grid of people staring at each other blankly. After all, most of us aren’t dating new people or attending parties, which means there’s not too much to talk about either. (Really, how many times can I summarize the plot to your favorite TV show episodes before people start declining my Zoom invites?)

Luckily, with a little creativity and planning, video calls can quickly morph into a genuinely good time. Is anything on this list as fun as getting together with your friends at the mediocre bar of your choice for some gossip and a snack? Well, with these lively options, we can certainly try.

1. Sing Karaoke

Sing Karaoke - Live More Zone

This sounds self-explanatory, but I’m here to tell you there is a specific way to make a Zoom karaoke party go smoothly. Step one: A little Dutch courage, if that works for you. Step two: Make your audience mute themselves. {This is important} Step three: Pick a crowd-pleasing karaoke jam to play softly and sing along with on YouTube.

If you need suggestions, you can always create a playlist on Gaana beforehand, so that your friends and family can pick their favorites.

2. Trivia Night On Video Calls

Trivia Night On Video Calls  - Live More Zone

This surely is one of the fun ways to interact and have a hearty laugh with your close family and friends who are now living far. Have weekly fun trivia sessions, mixing it up with themed parties is a good way to connect on video calls. Get to a point where the hosts are rotated every week, so there is freshness in concepts. Maybe let the winner of the week hold the trivia the next week?

3. Take An Online Course Together

Take An Online Course - Live More Zone

People who learn together grow together {we just made it up, but it still stands true!} Call up a friend, make a list of courses that interest you, decide on one which suits both of you based on interest as well as the fee, and get going! We bet you will have a lot more to talk about too!

4. Have A PowerPoint Party

Have A Powerpoint Party -Live More Zone

Yes, we know PPT seems like work, but at least hear us out. Essentially, a PowerPoint party provides you with an opportunity to pick a topic near and dear to your heart—the more niche, the better—and prepare a five-minute PowerPoint presentation on it.

At our last PowerPoint party, one friend presented an elaborate ranking of which member of the Bon Appétit test kitchen they’d most like to make a loaf of bread with; another tried to convince us all, with ample corroborating evidence, that Christmas music is not good. The world is your oyster!

5. Watch A Movie Together

Watch A movie - Live More Zone

One of the best things about being virtually connected is that you are also connected in real-time. While going out for a movie seems like a far off dream at present, watching a movie together need not, given the multitudes of options that you can watch together on a video call. Schedule a call at a time when everyone is free for the entire duration of the film, all prepped with your favorite snacks and in your favorite spot.

6. Celebrate Small Occasions Together Or Have A Brunch Date On Video Call!

Brunch Dates - Live More Zone

Missing out on a loved one’s birthday? Didn’t get to see your partner this anniversary? Or simply unable to celebrate a family tradition due to the lockdown? Guess what? Get all your close ones to fix on a particular time, ask them to get themselves ready, and get on to zoom to celebrate.

7. Teach Your Friends Your Favourite Recipe

Favorite Recipe - Live More Zone

Oh, you guys want to learn about my nine-year journey of how I perfected the best pizza rolls? I thought you’d never ask. Although this might takes a bit of planning {sending out your ingredient list and what you’ll need to prepare said dish} it’s the perfect way to spread love, laughs, and knowledge among your crew. Gordon Ramsey, we are coming for you!


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