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Tips On How To Give Bath To Newborn Baby


Bath time routine is something that you can begin with shortly after birth. After birth, your little one is covered in a waxy substance known as Vernix, which helps protect your baby from germs in the environment. Once you get them home, you can prepare for the baby’s first bath. Until the umbilical stump falls off, it is recommended to give sponge baths to the newborn baby.

Here’s a guide on how to give a bath to a newborn baby and the other things you need to know about baby bathing:

Benefits of bath for babies

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Bathing your babies has many benefits, apart from just cleanup and super cute photos for Instagram! They strengthen the bond between the baby and the parent. Feeling your gentle touch and hearing your voice will let your precious one knows that he or she is cared for and loved.

A bathing routine is also known to calm fussy babies and induce sleep. Try out infant massage or just cuddle with the baby during the bath, and eventually, you will find out what works best for you. If the umbilical cord is still in place, avoid bathing babies in the bathtub. Instead, use a washcloth to clean up the baby gently.

What Will You Need?

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The most important thing is to gather all supplies that you would need for baby bathing. Never leave your baby alone or take your hands off them during the bath. Stores that you would require are listed below:

  • Bowl of warm water
  • Washcloths
  • Mild baby wash or soap
  • Clean diaper
  • Towels
  • Baby lotion

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How to bathe a newborn baby

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Baby’s first bath is an entirely new experience for the baby. They may not be pleased about it and will show that pretty loudly. But don’t worry, they will gradually start liking it. Babies tend to lose body heat quickly when they are naked, so either wrap a towel around them or keep the room a little warm.

  • Wash the baby’s face before you remove any clothing. Dampen the washcloth or cotton balls and clean their eyes. After that, clean the area around their nose. Also, pay extra attention to the areas near the mouth and under the chin due to all that milk and drool. You don’t have to use soap on their faces while bathing them. But always remember to hold your baby with one hand while dipping the washcloth in water and don’t soak them thoroughly to avoid excessive dripping.
  • Use a damp washcloth to clean the outside of your baby’s ears. Do not use a swab to clean the inside of the baby’s ear, as they can cause damage to the eardrums.
  • To shampoo their scalp, hold their head back slightly and support the spine. Sprinkle some warm water on their head and use a drop or two of the mild baby wash. Lather gently and wash off using the wet washcloth. Finish by drying the head with a towel. 
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  • Lay the baby flat on their back and gently undress them. Put a baby wash on a damp cloth and wash the neck and torso. Be extra careful around the umbilical stump and try to keep it dry. Clean under the arms, between the fingers, and make sure not to miss out on the tiny folds of skin. Turn the baby and repeat the process of washing, rinsing and drying.
  • Clean the private parts using a soft and dampened cloth with a baby wash and lukewarm water. Ensure to use a little soap for that tiny little bottom.
  • Rinse the soap off with a second wet washcloth and keep wrapping the little one as you keep going as they can get cold quickly. Don’t forget to wipe off those little creases with a dry towel.
  • You may apply a baby lotion after the baby is wiped off completely, even though that precious, soft skin doesn’t need much. Put on a fresh diaper and some clean clothes. If he needs a little calming down, keep them swaddled in a blanket until they calm down a bit.

 Essential Things To Keep In Mind

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After your baby’s umbilical stump falls off, you can bathe your little one in a baby bathtub. Fill up the tub with warm water until it reaches 2-3 inches. Always check the temperature before placing the baby down in the water. After undressing your baby, put them in the tub immediately so that they don’t get cold. Use one hand to support the little head and the other to put them in the tub, feet first. Call for help if you think you can’t manage it alone.

The head should always be well above water for safety reasons. Gently pour warm water over the body and use a damp washcloth to clean their face and ears. Lift the baby out gently and pat them dry with a dry towel. Don’t forget to also wipe the skin in between those tiny creases. Never leave the baby alone or unattended in a tub, even for a second.

Bathing babies may seem like a lot going on, but it gradually gets easy once you start figuring out what works for you and your little one. If they cry or do not seem to enjoy bath time, ensure to keep the room a little warm, the water not too hot and keep them wrapped in a towel. Once your baby can start sitting up on their own, you can use a full bathtub and introduce bath toys to make bath time even more fun.

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