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6 Best Beard Styles For Men To Try On


If there is something that defines a man’s look in 2020, it’s his beard style. That’s right! The personal grooming industry has taken the forefront for men and has been owning this space as no less than a basic essential these days. Whether you have a small beard, stubble, or another unique style, you’re deep into the appearance game, and you have to make sure it’s strong. Moreover, quarantining has given all men a platform to experiment and explore their grooming patterns.

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Consequently, facial hair growth is rapidly trending and gives men an entirely new aesthetic to look after. We’re living in an age which has devised some go-to beard styles for men that are not only classic but also suitable for your face shape. As beard enthusiasts, even the celebrities carrying distinct beard styles for men have a way of recognizing what suits their face and how to maintain it. This is exactly what we have curated for you – A comprehensive guide to the Best Beard Styles for Men in 2020 to make you stand out from the crowd.

1. Short Hair & Full Grown Beard

This is marked as one of the sexiest looks on men for the past 2-3 years in almost all magazines and live chats. Whether Ranbir Kapoor or Shahid Kapoor, you’ve probably drooled on all their styles and wanted to crown the same. A full-grown beard is indeed a call for daily duty of maintenance. Although, it’s worth your while because it sky-rockets your style quotient, especially when teamed up with short hair. If you have an oval face, you probably have an inbuilt oomph to carry this look off like a boss. To enhance the appearance, make sure it is trimmed carefully, giving a cutting-edge of flawlessness to your overall attire.
Pro tips:

  • Dry trim your beard for a sleeker look
  • Use beard oil to condition your beard and give it a shine.
  • Make sure the oil reaches the skin beneath your beard to avoid beard dandruff
  • To increase the volume of hair, blow dry your beard with cold air.

2. Stubble Look

New to the facial hair game? Stress not. Go easy on yourself with the old school stubble. Many enthusiasts refuse to consider the stubble as a real beard-type but what they don’t consider is how versatile its appearance is. No matter your face shape or clothes for the occasion, the stubble always makes you look effortlessly handsome. It’s like Nutella – it can be added to anything and can’t go wrong! This look changes perspective into a rugged, stronger, and seasoned one. If you have to go on a spontaneous date and look your best, use a 3-4 mm setting in your beard trimmer and transform your baby face to hit maturity instantly. Here’s addressing the unforeseen stubbles that grow patchy naturally. There are a lot of ways to deal with this cloudy style. You could use growth-inducing products for bald patches, intake the right nutrition for hair growth, and a whole lot more. Most importantly, you can own the look as it is! Overall, a stubble is easy to maintain behaves as an aesthetic accessory on you. Want to get inspired? Stalk and observe Saif Ali Khan, Hritik Roshan and the god of stubbles, Ryan Gosling slays it.

Pro Tips:

  • Feel free to change your stubble styles as per mood – Shave off from the lower cheek area to elongate your round face and increase the length of the stubble below the jawline for a gentleman look. (Read: Drake)
  • Use a face scrub and exfoliate your skin around the neck area to avoid ingrowth.
  • Stubbles can hide your skin’s moods (breakouts) like acne, scars and pigmentation
  • For maintaining optimum length, use a 3-4 mm setting on your beard trimmer.

3. Beardstache

Bored with your favourite beard style and ready to explore something new? Here’s your solution. The Beardstache is a renowned and widely loved concoction of the stubble and a full-grown beard. If well-maintained at all times, it is sure to ooze royalty and make you look like a king no matter what you wear with it. This quirky style is lightweight, doesn’t make you feel hot or sticky, and is completely experimental – best for Indian weddings, formal parties, vacations, and of course your very own big days. Happy to fit on practically all face-types, the Beardstache looks best on those with a lot of space between their upper lip and nose and helps accentuate your chin. The trick is to stick to stubble and give full attention to your moustache.

Pro Tip:

  • Make sure your pocket holds a moustache shaper/comb at all times
  • Use a moustache wax with the comb for neater results
  • Don’t let your extended stubble grow beyond the jawline to maintain the look

4. The Short Beard

They say old is gold, but in this case, it’s vintage and evergreen! Yes, I’m talking about the typical short beard look that cannot possibly go wrong with absolutely any face shape. Breaking stereotypes since aeons, a neatly trimmed short beard is a great way to mask your unwanted features and emphasize the best ones. All you have to do is get rid of the whiskers once the beard has grown out – yes, it’s that simple as well as classy. Don’t miss out on reducing the length on the sides while trimming in-case you have a round face and quite the opposite for those with a narrow face-shape. It’s best suited for corporate looks and alternately the Goerge Clooney look. This means you can impress your boss, your crush as well as yourself, all at the same time.

Pro Tips:

  • Disguise your adam’s apple with this look to make the best use of it
  • For those with a chin covering problem, shave only after the natural jawline or gradually reduce the effect towards the adam’s apple.
  • Make sure your razor I wet while trimming
  • Go for a trimmer that has an edging blade or built-in laser guide for precision and accuracy
  • Try trimming beyond the outline of your beard, so you have enough space to clean up after that

5. Extended Goatee

A small pointed goat-like beard might sound funny, but it looks like a bomb on most men. It is a game-changer for many who experiment with new looks after a full-grown beard has been owned for a long time. Subsequently, this look is a moustache paired with the goatee beard style – hence called the extended goatee. This is practically achievable only when you have grown your beard long enough to play with it. Ace the look simply by shaving your sideburns and morph it into the shape of your face. If you have an oval or square-shaped face, this style is your ultimate saviour. You must have spotted this look on a flock of celebrities, especially when they set trends with a fresh avatar. It can give you the ‘Ladies’ man’ as well as a ‘Men in-vogue’ look. So, we suggest changing your look for the upcoming season to this Leonardo Di Caprio elegance for some heads to turn.

Pro Tips:

  • Use this look when you have patchy beard spots or cannot easily grow a full-beard
  • Best on slim faces and work on both short/long hair
  • Use your jawline to mark a boundary for the goatee to end
  • Use beard oil or shaving gel to keep skin clean-shaven
  • Be precise while shaping and trimming to experiment with variations of goatees to see which one looks best on you (Read: The Robert Pattinson)

6. The Unkempt Beard

Is there a beard style that makes most men look instantly hot? The answer would be YES. The unkempt beard is a distinct variation of the rugged style severely appreciated by women. You’ve already thought of honing this look while watching cricket ads because it’s the popular Virat Kohli style of beards. While this beard trend has the power to create heat, it is undoubtedly one of the best routes to looking dapper and staying in vogue. If this scruffy look is executed correctly, the unkempt version of yourself could probably draw all the attention in a room. The hack is to give your beard an outward massage, specifically for those with a round or oval face. Although, if you work the angles right, even round-shaped faces could carry off this suave look.

Pro Tips:

  • Know your scruff since it requires very little attention to maintain
  • Check the symmetry as you go and try no to shave too much off to look even
  • Wash your face with warm water to help hydrate your hair in preparation for shaving
  • Use beard soap besides oil and moisturizer to maintain softness in beard quality even though it gives a crisp look. Check out some amazing offers on different e-commerce sites by digibank by DBS debit cards.

FAQs On Beard Styles For men

How do I choose my beard style?

When choosing a beard look, it is essential to keep your face’s shape and how dense the hair grows on your face. The former consists of seven types – rectangular, oval, triangle, round, square, diamond and heart. Figure out the shape of your face and accordingly choose a beard style that you can rock. Moreover, if you are someone who only has a growth on patches of your jawline, there is no point hoping for a full-beard. A stubble or goatee might be your best option. Decide your best beard styles depending on this. And make sure you switch it up as you age because there is no fixed beard styles for men.

What are the best beard styles?

The best beard styles for men are always the one that makes you look good and confident. There is no one-fit all solution when it comes to beard, and this is why opt for the style that you know you can easily carry. Also, it is essential to go for something that will highlight your face’s features and make you look suave.

What is beard length most attractive?

Again, this varies from person to person and the amount of time and energy you are ready to invest in maintaining your beard. If you can keep and groom your beard frequently, go for longer and dense beard lengths. Recent studies have also shown that a heavy stubble look is beautiful and requires less maintenance. It is considered a top choice because it is somewhere between a full-length beard and a light stubble, making it popular among the masses.

Do beards make you look older?

Yes, they do make you look older, sophisticated and masculine, provided you have a beard that is well-kept and not shrivelled and untidy if you are younger and need an entry in a pub or bar where IDs are essential rocking a full-length beard might help you with it.
Similarly, when you have aged considerably, keep experimenting with your beard look. Once the grey hair sets in, it becomes challenging to maintain your youth’s looks if you can carry the grey-bearded look with panache, nothing like it. But, if you want to look a few years younger, shaving off your beard might be a good choice.



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