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5 Best Apartment Dogs For Dog Lovers


Life for an average city dweller is mainly restricted to their small to medium-sized apartments. But even though it isn’t practically possible for everyone to own a house with a vast backyard, in no way means that dog lovers cannot have their favourite pet. A lot of apartment dogs adapt perfectly well in tiny houses. We have picked and listed some of the best dogs for apartments that every dog lover will love.

List of best apartment dogs for every dog lover:

1. Greyhound

Greyhound  – Live More Zone

This dog breed may be known for its super speed, but when you are looking for apartment dogs, no other species can be better as they love to live their lives at a slow pace – a point that makes them one of the best dog breeds for apartment living.

  • They’re cute couch potatoes: While greyhounds do need their daily dose of playing fetch or running around, they are pleased to spend the day lazing around with you.
  • They can be easily housetrained: Unlike most people believe, greyhounds can be housetrained if you keep their training sessions short and be very gentle with them.
  • They don’t bark much: Since greyhounds aren’t known to bark much, they are the best dogs for apartments as they keep the neighbours happy.
  • They’re gentle giants: Despite being the biggest breed on this list, weighing 26 to 40 kgs, they’re incredibly affectionate animals that are waiting for a belly rub and a snuggle.

2. Cuban Havanese

Cuban Havanese  – Live More Zone

The Havanese breed is one more of the best dog breeds for apartment living because of several reasons.

  • They’re super small: The Havanese doesn’t weigh more than 7 kgs and don’t take up too much space.
  • They’re quiet: This breed is not very happy, and this is something your neighbours will love.
  • They’re straightforward to train: These little dogs are highly house-trainable. They are always eager to please and love positive reinforcement. Potty training, crate training and leash training is straightforward with these apartment dogs.
  • They’re not hyperactive: These dogs are energetic but do not need hours of exercise. Even an introductory daily walk works best for them.

However, if you live out of a suitcase, these might not be ideal for you. These dogs always need some company around them.

3. Yorkshire Terrier

 Yorkshire Terrier – Live More Zone

This breed is one of the best dogs suitable for apartments for many reasons.

  • They’re toy-sized…quite literally: Standing at just 23 cms and weighing just about 3 kgs, these tiny doggos won’t take up a lot of your apartment space.
  • You can train them easy: Yorkshire Terrier are very intelligent, and with good training, you won’t have to worry about indoor accidents, barking or excessive chewing.
  • They are playful but not overly energetic.

While they don’t require many exercises, don’t miss a quick walk of 15 to 20 minutes twice a day to keep them happy and healthy.

4. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Cavalier  – Live More Zone

All that Cavaliers love is constantly being around their owners. So, the smaller space they live in, the better it is, as far as they’re concerned. Here’s why you should get these apartment dogs.

  • They’re tiny: This breed generally weighs between 6 and 8 kilos and do not require too much room to roam around.
  • They’re brilliant: Very intelligent and easily trainable, you can work with them well to avoid accidents, chewing and scratching.
  • They’re playful, but not too much: All they need is about 20-30 minutes of exercise each day, and they are happy.

5. Basenji

 Basenji – Live More Zone

Speaking of small dog breeds, Basenjis are slightly larger than most. Their weight ranges from 9 to 12 kilos. But they love staying in small spaces close to their owners, and they’ll feel at home in your apartment.

  • They are “barkless”: So, it’s true. Their larynx is structured in a way that allows for occasional yodels only. This should be fun!
  • They’re pretty independent: They are pretty cat-like, with their low-shedding coats and constant self-grooming; they don’t require a lot of attention from you.
  • Easily housetrained with just a little encouragement: Basenjis can be stubborn. But make sure you are patient, consistent, and encouraging while training them. This will work wonders.
  • They’re highly energetic and enjoy lounging equally: As long as they get their regular dose of exercise, Basenjis will enjoy the small spaces they live in. However, be careful. If left alone with nothing to do, they will find things to get into and chew or play with. If you’re always travelling and away from your house frequently, these might not be the right breed for you.

There are many dogs suitable for apartments, and most of these are content with their regular walks and lots of love and cuddles. They will spread more warmth and cosiness than you’d ever imagine.

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