9 December 2020 | 3 min read

6 Best Feel Good Songs To Lift Up Your Mood


Music heals our soul and intensifies our joys. And if you cannot get through your day without your dose of beats and lyrics, you probably understand why songs are our saviours. Whether it is the most heart-breaking songs that bring tears or those feel good songs that spark joy in us for no reason whatsoever, music can and has been helping us get through life, especially in 2020.

If you relate to this (of course you do), we have compiled a list of 6 feel-good songs that will jolt you from your dark thoughts and instantly uplift your mood. Why moan and brood when you can be happy, right?

List of feel good songs just for you:

1. Love You Zindagi From Dear Zindagi

It is one of the best contemporary movies on depression and how it is completely fine to seek out therapy if you need it. And face your inner fears. Dear Zindagi is a beautiful movie and the song – Love You Zindagi, is an affirmation of how you should keep whatever makes you happy and let go of the trivial and bad stuff. It is one of the best feel good songs for good mood.

On your blurry and gloomy days, put this song on and give yourself a reminder that is life is indeed worth loving, no matter what.

2. Ek Zindagi From Angrezi Medium

One of the best mood-boosting feel good songs that Bollywood gave us in a difficult year has to be Ek Zindagi. Not only the song but the movie is equally beautiful and all about chasing your dreams, without leaving your family behind. You see, you can reach all those stunning heights, but when you have your family beside you, it is all the more rewarding. That is the essence of Angrezi Medium which unfortunately is also the last movie of immensely talented Irrfan Khan.

Listen to this song on days when your dreams seem a little out of reach, and you don’t know where to find solace.

3. Hai Junoon From New York

A movie that shows the dark twist life took for three people living in New York in the aftermath of 9/11, this one is worth watching. And before things take a turn for the worse, Hai Junoon captures the essence of living life to the fullest till you have that spark in your heart. The happy tunes of this song remind you to live it all before life passes you by and you are counting the last days.

4. Shake It Off by Taylor Swift

This is a must on any feel-good songs playlist. Whenever the haters drown you and pierce you with their words, listening to Swift casually take them on is all the booster you need in life. It’s an instant mood-busting song with its groovy tunes, and you can literally belt out some move to release the happy hormones. Listen to it now if anything (or anyone) is bothering you.

5. Happy By Pharell Williams

The happiness song of the 21st century is all the feel-good music you need in life sometimes. This high-tempo and upbeat song by Pharell Williams is a favourite when it comes to clap your hands together and to belt out a jaunty lyric to uplift your mood instantly. And it was the perfect addition to one of the best-animated movies out there – Despicable Me. If you agree with us, clap your hand, and sing along while you listen to this beautiful feel good song.

6. Good Life by One Republic

One Republic belts our happy and relatable songs every other year, but the Good Life takes the cake. When you are down and out and whining about how life did a number on you, you can try to look on the bright side. And this feel good song reminds you to do just that. It is all about living the good life, your life and when you do that, there is very less to complain about. Doesn’t that ring true? Listen to this feel good song on repeat whenever life and its tribulations get to you.

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