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10 Best Hindi series on Netflix That Is Worth Watching


Are you one of those Indians who watch more Netflix than sunsets? If yes, this is the perfect destination for your appetite. With the world rapidly evolving and viewership shooting heights every day, even Netflix has skewed its way through regional content. We can safely say that not only net-obsessed youngsters but also TV-binging 50-year-olds have started marathoning on the best Hindi series on Netflix these days.

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In India, there is something for everyone online. OTT platforms have been booming the watch-at-home market so deeply that we have diverse content available in Hindi, Tamil, and Telugu, and many more. Moreover, our favorite unconventional actors and directors have been feeding us with brilliant concepts in the past couple of years. Drama, romance, horror, or crime – you will find a heap of Netflix original Hindi Series that floats your boat. Here’s a curated list of the best from the assorted clutter of the best Hindi series on Netflix to binge.

List of the best Hindi Series on Netflix:

1. Delhi Crime

Delhi Crime – Live More Zone

Heavily inspired by real-life incidents based on the gruesome Nirbhaya rape case in India, Delhi Crime is one of the most heart-breaking journies to watch. This seven-part series has the power to make you palpitate with every development. This thriller solves an investigation where the perpetrators are tactfully usually found and put to rest. Filmmaker Richie Mehta navigates the insides of political clout, bureaucratic stress, and the absence of resourceful support that the Delhi Police was put through. Starring Shefali Shah and Rasika Dugal as fierce policewomen trying to erode the upsurge of crime against women in Delhi, Mehta took six long years of research to build this series to its very detail. Thus, this is one of the best Hindi series on Netflix which makes it a captivating as well as overwhelming experience. P.S. – Trigger warning for the sensitive souls.

2. Masaba Masaba

Masaba Masaba – Live More Zone

One of the best Hindi series on Netflix that is inspired by the lives of the real-life mother-daughter duo – Neena and Masaba Gupta, this sweet and glamorous drama is scripted and full of heart. Inspired from real moments from both their lives, it chronicles their journey (fictionalized) in six short episodes of approx. 30 minutes each. Watch it if you love everything about fashion  and film with ups and downs that lives throws our way.

3. Ghoul

Ghoul – Live More Zone

Yet another fear-evoking show written by Patrick Graham has taken the stage as a new mini-series in the block. Setting ground for an array of terrifying supernatural events across the episodes, Ghoul showcases the heinous acts of a bloodcurdling terrorist that is secretly interrogated. Thus, having ripple effects of unexpected repercussions. From the makers of Insidious and Get Out, Ghoul is a Netflix original Hindi series of unforeseen secrets being revealed to fight the demons of the world. The evil monster is based on Arab folklore, making it a gripping story on social distortion, submissive horror, and religion in a baffling manner. Leading the show are the eccentric Radhika Apte and Mahesh Balraj who performed beyond belief. Sounds spooky and amusing? Find out for yourself.

4. She

She  – Live More Zone

‘She’ is Imtiaz Ali’s first conception of the internet world. This Netflix original Hindi series outlines the revolutionary adventure of a junior police constable dwelling from a humble background. She is snatched out of her comfort zone and thrown in the ocean of an intelligence mission to rupture a criminal organization. The barrage of impeccable performances and underlying nuisances of chauvinistic men holding authoritative roles makes the show impactful and enthralling. Moreover, to watch a female police officer go undercover and unclip a mighty dangerous gang from Mumbai is fascinating. Consequently, watching the bold cop follow her instincts and manage the complexities of her personal life gets you engrossed. After all, watching women’s courage take turns in Imtiaz Ali style can’t be mundane, can it!?

5. Taj Mahal 1989

Taj Mahal 1989 – Live More Zone

Another one of the best Hindi series on Netflix is on the masterpiece of love? Nope. Taj Mahal 1989 is a series categorized under romantic where a plethora of diverse couples from different social strata and age-groups are showcased. Being embellished with a set of fresh actors from theatre and arthouses, this show has human connections, desires, and love explored against all odds in the golden city of India – Lucknow. Taj Mahal gives you a glimpse into Indian politics from a youthful eye, the great Indian divorce stigma, and a lot of other insightful shifts that lovers go through. Various tales of love are intertwined and shown to evolve with time, well-directed by directed by Pushpendra Nath Misra. Tuned to make a shift in your perspective with its realism and tinge of melodrama, this series is indeed a masterpiece of love, in its fashion.

6. Selection Day

Selection Day – Live More Zone

Are you even a true Indian if not a cricket fan? Yeah. The sacred religion of cricket in India will make you want to binge-watch this Netflix original Hindi series based on struggling cricketer’s lives. Selection Day is essentially based on Arvind Adiga’s 2016 novel, an entrancing story of a young pair of cricket prodigies, and their journey from local leagues to larger stadiums for the upcoming season. The series portrays the way they deal with their dominating and cricket-obsessed father, the realities of white-collar structures, and other hurdles weighing them down. Driven by sheer passion, the young pair of boys display the recipe for inspiration and courage despite waves of corruption instilled in this original series. Produced by Anil Kapoor and Anand Tucker, all 12 episodes of Selection Day prove that crisp storytelling and great direction are very much prevalent in India. With mesmerizing performances by Ratna Pathak Shah, Mahesh Manjrekar, Rajesh Tailang, and the two young stars of the series, it’s a great family entertainer.

7. Sacred Games

Sacred Games  – Live More Zone

The first to throw limelight on legendary Netflix original Hindi series was Sacred Games. Rightly deserving of an Emmy nomination, Sacred Games is an Indian drama series that kicks-off with a crime-angle holding a cop-and-gangster chase throughout the story until it unravels into a lot more than that. As the episodes of this fast-paced thriller unfold, you realize this is not a mainstream villain you’re dealing with – it’s a tangled conspiracy around an immortal being. Cringing already? Here’s the best part – Saif Ali Khan, Nawazuddin Siddiqui, Radhika Apte, and Kalki Koechlin play the most important characters, and this is what makes it the most-watched Indian original series. Directed by celebrated personalities – Anurag Kashyap and Vikramaditya Motwane as well as named after a famous novel from 2006, this show portrays class inequality, violence, sexuality, and religious despair. Pacing to meet realism in our urban society, If you haven’t already watched Sacred Games, it’s high time you indulge.

8. Indian Match Making

Indian Match Making – Live More Zone

Are you caught in the rigmarole of Indian society’s arranged marriage syndrome? Well, here’s an Indian series on Netflix that has translated this feeling into an 8-part series, popularly known as the global Indian #CringeBinge – Indian Matchmaking. Paving a decorated gateway to the universe of arranged marriages, lead matchmaker Sima Taparia gets single, urban, well-educated, successful, and beautiful men/women to express their helplessness, loneliness, and need for a partner. Thus, portraying her services to be the ultimate solution for their almost quarter-life crisis. To affirm that the system genuinely works, she even got cute-old couples to narrate anecdotes from their long-married lives together. Claiming that marriages are made in heaven, she somehow asserts her role to be as that of a divine messenger on earth. This makes an intriguing series that uncovers the mask on most traditional Indian customs and how they have been adapted in the modern world. The renowned matchmaker jets between India and America to navigate her customers and their upcoming dates. Expect yourself to witness a preconceived mystery and the Indian act of finding ‘The one’ in a whole new light! A week into its release, there were public debates and numerous opinions about modern Indian culture and its problematic depictions. What’s yours?

9. Yeh Ballet

Yeh Ballet – Live More Zone

There is immense elitism that comes with the world of performance art, and Yeh Ballet is an inspirational illustration of exactly that in the form of a dance film. Showcasing promising and underprivileged dancers who are mentored by an international and legendary ballet instructor from his time, their melodramatic journey is captured in a heart-warming fashion. Moreover, writer-director Sooni Taraporevala unfolds the inequality of classes and its repercussions on their career path beautifully of this Netflix original Hindi series. The same lady who wrote one of many Mira Nair films including the Oscar-nominated Salaam Bombay. Somehow, Indians are shown to conquer all kinds of fields and is a must-watch Indian series on Netflix.

10. Little Things

Little Things – Live More Zone

You might have watched tons of movies and shows depicting the real life of couples. But have any of them hit the relatability cord at every move? Little Things is that series – it is your go-to for everything that occurs in the life of an urban young Indian couple living-in together. A romantic drama born to make a difference, Little Things is about all the little things that mend or tear a relationship. From hard career choices to bizarre family commitments, and unexpected encounters, this couple evolves with time, circumstances, and hard decisions. They even taste the flavor of a long-distance relationship, making authentic modern love accessible and entertaining for the viewers. If you want to get a fresh insight into love without a mask, Little Things is your ultimate destination. Light, honest, and relatable.



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