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The Best Korean Dramas to watch to Your Heart’s Content


Addictive, fabulous, and oh so cute with its affable and sometimes, slightly annoying characters, K-dramas are everything you need for a mindless and guilty binge-watching sesh where you don’t have to rattle your brain too much.

This is especially true for people who are tired of watching heavy and societal dramas that home-grown producers are releasing. If you are done with watching in how many ways the world is screwed up, take a breather and have a watch party of these Korean shows with your friends. Most of these shows are available online – use your card and pay for them using the UPI feature or internet banking. What’s your excuse now – start binge-watching right away.

1. Boys Over Flowers

Boys Over Flowers - Live More Zone

This teen rom-com is over a decade old but still worth watching. It was hailed as iconic by lovers of K-dramas and one of the few shows that introduced us Indians to the world of Korean TV. The best part – It will take back to your days of school and all the heady rush of infatuation, comedy, and competitiveness it brought out in all of us.

The story revolves around Geum Jan-di who gets an opportunity to attend a prestigious school of all the rich kids after saving someone’s life. Enter the swoon-worthy heartthrob of Korean shows – Lee Min Ho, who plays the character of Gu Jun-Pyo, the leader and the main love interest of Geum Jan-di. Their love-hate relationship and the Gu Jun-Pyo’s F4 quartet forms the crux of the story for the 25 episodes. Each episode is about 60-70 minutes long, so you are sorted for at least the next two weeks? Find out for yourself.

2. What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim?

Whats wrong with Secretary Kim - Live More Zone

This show was released in 2018, and is based on a popular webtoon and is worth your time. The story starts with our female protagonist Kim Min-So, played by Park Min-young, who is overworked and underappreciated in her job of over nine years. When she finally decides to quit and puts in her paper, her narcissistic boss Lee Young-Joon, played by Park Seo-Joon, is confused and comes to the rationalization that his secretary is resigning because she is in love with him. Fun fact, she is not! But her boss decides to ‘woo’ her in an attempt to stop her from leaving and what happens next is a story that will make you fall in love with this drama. Just 16 episodes guys and we promise you will get addicted to the K-drama series.

3. Descendants Of The Sun

Dexcendants Of The Sun - Live More Zone

A show that my boyfriend binge-watched in just three days because he loved it that much!! Descendants of the Sun was one of the most-watched and widely acclaimed K-dramas of 2016. It follows the lives of a Captain of the Special Forces Unit Yoo Si-Jin and doctor Kang Mo-Yeon. Their paths intertwine when the former takes down a thief with the help of his other Military friend, and they have to take the said thief to the hospital. There, our main protagonists meet, and their journey is the story that encompasses war, natural disasters, and the fundamental question of how starkly different the values of the Captain and Doctor are. Watch out to find what happens throughout 16 episodes.

4. Inheritors

Inheritors - Live More Zone

Once you have watched Lee Min Ho in Boys Over Flowers, there is no way you can do without watching him in another high-school romance – Inheritors. I binge-watched this cute yet tear-jerking love story in under a week. Lee Min-Ho and Park Shin-Hye are playing the two leads who come from socially different backgrounds and have their first meet-cute in LA. Once they return to South Korea and reunite in their school (attended by the uber-rich of the country), things go haywire for both of them, and how they overcome all of this is what forms the storyline.

P.S: The second male protagonist played by Kim Woo-bin is also worth mentioning because some might find rooting for this guy more than the main lead as I did.

5. It’s Okay, That’s Love

Its okay thats love - Live More Zone

If you are looking for something more serious and heartfelt after a marathon of rom-coms, this K-drama has you sorted. It’s Okay, That’s Love follows the lives of a popular-mystery author and DJ, Jang Jae-yeol, played by Jo In-sung, and a psychiatrist named Ji Hae-soo, played by Gong Hyo-jin. The former suffers from OCD to the point that he can only sleep in his bathtub, and the latter has her own set of insecurities and anxiety issues. What happens when these two meet and start living under the same roof? That’s right, deep conversations and discussions on mental health apart from bubbling feelings. And that is what makes this drama worth it.

Some other K-dramas that are worth watching are Crash Landing On You, Romance Is A Bonus Book, Uncontrollably Fond, Doctors, and the latest Lee Min-ho series – The King, on-air right on Netflix. All the above shows are available on Netflix, which you can sign up for right from your phone.



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