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8 Books To Read About Life


The global pandemic has slowed life at an astonishing pace. Most countries are still in lockdown, and a majority of people have been asked to work from home. While working from home might be cumbersome, there are other things to do to take your mind off the current situation and that is to read.

This is especially so if you have become a tad bit nostalgic about all the inter-office drama, gossip, and missing your work friend. There are plenty of books on the topic that will help you get through this, all you have to do is pick up your book and curl up in your reading book, while you continue practicing social distancing like a pro. Read on for some of our best recommendations in this genre. Best part? You can buy all these titles online as well.

1. Can You Keep A Secret? By Sophie Kinsella

Can You Keep A Secret - Live More Zone

Sophie Kinsella is famous for her ‘Shopaholic’ series. One of her best-selling novels, The Confessions of a Shopaholic, has been made into a movie starring Isla Fisher.

If you are not looking for something heavy right now, pick up ‘Can You Keep A Secret?’ The story of this breezy novel follows Emma Corrigan, who, like all of us, has plenty of secrets. However, on a flight, she reveals most of them to a stranger, who later turns out to be her boss at her new job, which she hates by the way. The rest of the story follows Emma and how she copes at work and in love life.

2. Attachments by Rainbow Rowell

Attachments - Live More Zone

Renowned for her young adult romance novel – Eleanor and Park, Rainbow Rowell creates swoon-worthy stories of romance. ‘Attachments’ happen to be one such story but set up in the workplace. It follows Beth Fremont and Jennifer Scribner, who are colleagues and best friends.

They communicate on their work email and talk about everything despite knowing that their chats are monitored. The third character, Lincoln O’Neill, is watching their emails as part of his job. What happens next is the trope of the story and the fact that Lincoln starts falling for Beth. Read the book to see how this office drama unfolds.

3. Personal Days by Ed Park

Personal Days by Ed Park - Live More Zone

For everyone who has ever wondered where all your time in the office goes and how important it is to add numbers and figures to excels all day long, this book is for you. Intertwined with different characters in an office, the novel begins to pick up the pace on a Sunday morning, when their boss calls all of them and begins to fire them from their jobs.

You may not find your answers to the quarter-life crisis our work sometimes brings upon, but you might find something else. Read the book to know more.

4. The Assistant by Camilla Perri

The Assistant by Camilla Perri - Live More Zone

This is one of those classic books about what you are supposed to do when faced with a choice to stand up for your morals or go for the money. The Assistant follows Tina Fontana, who, after working for six years, is still trying to pay off her student loans.

A glitch at her company could lead to her debt being wholly paid off if she doesn’t report it. But is money more important than your morals? Even if going for the money won’t only solve your but your colleague’s problems as well. The answer lies in the book – pick it up today.

5. The Country Life by Rachel Cusk

The Country Life - Live More Zone

How often have you thought of uprooting your entire life for a new job? A job that will be better for you than the current one you are stuck in. If you thought about it plenty of times, this book is just the pick for you. Rachel Cusk’s novel is a heart-rending comedy of manners that is set in the beautiful town of Sussex in England. Read for the story and the setting. It might give you a little perspective in these complex times.

6. Sweetbitter by Stephanie Danler

Sweetbitter by Stephanie Danler - Live More Zone

Not set in a regular office, but in the food industry, Sweetbitter is still a coming-of-age story of a 22-year-old Tess who is starting fresh in a well-known downtown restaurant in New York City. The setting itself is beautiful to get hooked to the book, but as you progress in the story with Tess, you will find pearls of wisdom that can be obtained both in our daytime work or in a bar after hours with our colleagues and friends. If you are missing your workplace fam and the afterparties you had with them, pick this one up.

7. The Warehouse by Rob Hart

The Warehouse by Rob Hart - Live More Zone

This novel is set in the large conglomerate of Cloud. On the surface, it runs like any other company you might know, but upon closer inspection, mysteries and secrets are lurking everywhere. Enter Zinnia, an undercover operative who is set out to unearth these secrets and reveal its power-hungry ambitions. The Warehouse combines office-drama with mystery, and if these are the genres you love, go for it.

8. One In a Million by Lindsey Kelk

One In a Million by Lindsey Kelk - Live More Zone

A book full of heart and laughter, this one is extremely relevant to our time. The novel centers on Annie Higgins, who is dead-set to make her agency work. In a fateful turn of events, she is goaded into accepting a challenge where she has to make a stranger and social-media-averse person an Instagram celebrity within thirty days. The chosen stranger is, of course, a historian, Dr. Samuel Page, Ph.D. What happens in these thirty days and what Annie learns about life and everything else forms the crux of the story.

Have any favorites in this genre? Let us know in the comments.



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