9 April 2019 | 3 min read

5 Camping Essentials You Must Carry On Your Trip


How many times has it happened that you’re on vacation and happen to have forgotten the one thing, that you shouldn’t have, back home? If you’re anything like us, we’d say a lot of times, but even if you aren’t, many of us don’t have any checklist of what to pack while travelling, beyond the everyday essentials.

While it’s good to be impulsive, certain items should always be a part of your travelling suitcase, no matter where you’re going. Read on to find out about the camping essentials you must pack while going on a trip.

1. Raincoat

Raincoat - Live More Zone

Image courtesy – Pixabay

It doesn’t matter how many times you’ve double-checked the weather forecast for the destination you’re heading to, and we’d highly recommend always keeping that trusty raincoat in your travel bag. Not only will it help keep you dry and safe in case the weather turns for the worse {and it always can, no matter where you are}, it will also keep your gadgets and wallet safe. After all, your wallet with all the money and card needs to be kept safe right?

2. Flashlight

Flashlight - Live More Zone

You can ignore this if you’re going to be visiting another city, but if you’re heading out to a scenic destination with at least some nature involved, a flashlight can make the later hours of the day more conducive to exploring. You must have this camping essential especially when you are going in the mountains, where having a flashlight can be the difference between life and death.

3. Walking Shoes

Walking shoes - Live More Zone

Image courtesy – Pexels

It’s understandable if you want to pack in all of your heels and best-looking shoes, as partying while you’re at your destination is always a real possibility. Though one type of footwear we don’t pay much attention to is walking shoes/sandals, as remember, those are what you’d be spending most of your time in. Don’t be the person who has to climb a mountain in party boots because they didn’t think this whole thing through; pack yourself a good pair of walking shoes.

4. Swiss Knife

Swiss Knife - Live More Zone

Image courtesy – Pixabay

If you’re into outdoors and love things like hiking and trekking, there’s nothing more essential than an all-purpose swiss knife. While it’s doubtful that you’d need it as bad as the protagonist in 127 Hours, you’d be surprised at how many day-to-day travel problems a Swiss knife can solve.

5. Powerbank

Powerbank - Live More Zone

In the age of gadgets and social media, travelling to a place holds as much importance as the best photos you can get out of it, and for that, you’d always need to keep your cameras and phone charged. Unless you’re planning to spend an unhealthy amount of time at the hotel trying to juice up your gadgets, a powerbank is a must.

Don’t have one? Buy one online using your debit card and get it delivered to your home, right in time for your next travel sojourn. Happy travelling!

Featured image courtesy – Pexels



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