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Child Health And Nutrition Tips


Nowadays, unlimited exposure to TV ads for junk food and peer pressure seems to have the Medusa effect on children, which drives them away from healthy food, making it difficult for you to get them to eat right and look after your child health. As you might know, healthy food goes beyond just filling your children’s stomach. It helps them maintain a healthy weight, stabilize their moods, and avoid a variety of health problems. A healthy diet can also positively affect children’s mental and emotional wellbeing.

Importance of nutrition in child health care

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Though nutrition is vital for people of every age, you must pay keen attention to your children’s nutrition intake to ensure they grew up healthy and strong. The key is to make your kids aware of nutrition at an early age. Once they know about the value of food, it will be easy for you to instil the healthy eating habit in your child. Take them for grocery shopping with you. Get them in a pattern of reading label given behind products. Even getting your children to help you prep for meals is also the right way of educating them about nutrition for children.

However, before you start educating your kids about food, it’s essential to know what’s right for them. Get an exciting discount on Nutritionist Consultation at and pay with digibank debit card. Studies show that if children do not get proper nutrients, they can suffer from physical ailments like obesity, changes in hair volume and texture, fatigue, diabetes, etc. That’s why the sooner you teach your children to make nutritious choices, the easier it will be for them to develop a healthy relationship with food that will last forever.

Simple healthy eating habits for children:

1. Eat slow

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As per studies, it takes at least 15-20 mins for the message to get from stomach to brain that one is full. That’s why it’s a good idea to encourage your child to eat slow. This will give the brain time to realize fullness. As a result, your child will not end up overeating. Also, don’t tell your kids about the dessert before a meal as they will try to finish food hastily to get to the dessert.

2. Water wellness

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Explain to your children the importance of water in the functioning of our bodies. Please encourage them to carry a water bottle with them wherever they go. This will keep them hydrated and help in avoiding headaches or muscle cramps. Always try to give them water with food instead of sugary drink as excessive consumption of these drinks can lead to obesity.

3. Befriend breakfast

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As you know, breakfast is the most important meal of the day. So, make sure you serve your kids a balanced breakfast. For example, it should include boiled eggs, toast, and an apple. It will give your child the required energy boost to stay active in school and sports ground.

4. Set the right examples

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Children are highly observational. If you are getting them to eat healthily, it’s essential to practice what you preach. Make healthy food choices yourself. Ensure your meals outside the home are balanced. Because too much outside food can get your child hooked on to junk or fast food, so regardless of your busy schedule, make time to serve homemade food to children. Also, take out some time on weekends to play a sport with your kids. This way, you are showing them a positive, healthy, and sustainable lifestyle.

5. Meals without TV or mobile phone

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Eating with a smartphone in hand is not a smart idea. If your children watch TV or use phones while eating, it keeps them distracted. This makes it difficult for the brain to realize the feeling of fullness and may lead to overeating. Having a designated dining area that is away from Television help in this case.

6. Go colorful

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A plate filled with colorful food means various health benefits. Get your children in the habit of eating a variety of veggies and fruits with high nutritious value. To make eating fun for kids, get creative with food serving. This will encourage them to finish off everything on their plate.

7. Healthy snacking

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Kids like to play the almost whole day. So, it’s essential to ensure that they are prepared for it. This is where snacks play an important role. Give your children snacks that are nutritious and boost energy. Eggs, dry fruits and smoothies are great options for an evening snack. Check out some quick recipe for smoothies.



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