18 May 2020 | 3 min read

Best Craft Websites For Every Craft Lover


While working from home and, things might be getting a little tenser than expected. We should utilize this time to its fullest and learn new skills to improve ourselves and enjoy working from home. We don’t know about you, but for us, it feels that we have become so acquainted with our indoor spaces during this process, that we might be in a relationship.

If you’re looking for ways to ignite your creativity, find a different way to entertain your soul, and be intentional with your “me” time, you might want to try working on craft websites. Read ahead to find the best craft websites that every craft lover can count on to find some quick tips and motivation to get all creative again.

List of Best Art and Craft Websites


Itsy Bitsy craft website

A one-stop Indian shop for all your art and craft needs, including best craft ideas and material. The online store has almost everything that every artist and craft lover can ask for, along with amazing deals and discounts coming up now and then.

Their blog is updated with easy craft ideas and DIY tips, as is their social media. The best part about ItsyBitsy is that they welcome artists and creative minds with pitches and support small craft businesses too.


Martha Stewart craft website

Yes, you read that right. is not just an online lifestyle portal. It also has hundreds of easy craft ideas and DIY projects to inspire you. Apart from this, it also offers all the crafting tools and techniques to help you get started. All you have to do is pick a project depending on your preference is – papercraft, fabric dyeing, embroidery, sewing, painting, or anything else. They give you an array of techniques and tools to work on it.


Craftster Website is an online community for art and craft lovers to share fun, off-beat, crafty, artsy projects. The community consists of over 1,000,000 readers per month, making it the largest online community for independent and home-based craft artists. A must-explore for all those you have even a slight creative bent of mind.


My Blue Print Website

Bluprint has a variety of experts guiding you (in the form of free online classes! Yes!), art and craft material and tools (including tailored project kits!), and hordes of ideas and inspiration. Their community of creative doers answer your art questions, share inside tips, and ensure that all their readers and members are always at the creative best.

Created by a former high-school science teacher, is your go-to place for absolutely any artistic idea – from stunning crafts to delicious recipes. Their blog and social media handles are regularly updated with several DIY projects and inspiring ideas to get your creative juices flowing. What makes it fun is the cozy, warm, homely feel that the site has. Any home-based artist will love browsing it.



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