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12 Cute And Colorful Nail Designs For Summer


When it comes to summer, less is more. With the temperatures soaring, you want to keep everything to the bare minimum. And no matter how much you wish to wear your favourite babbles and accessories, the cloying humidity and blistering heat  will make it impossible for you to flaunt them.

Now, don’t let this dampen your spirit. Summer is the perfect season to show off your fingertips and innovative nail designs. Whether you’re in a mood to try the trendiest nail art designs doing the rounds on Instagram or want to challenge yourself and create your summer nail art, there’s a manicure to match your aesthetic. Pst…if you find yourself missing some nail paint colours, you can always buy them online – make sure you keep your digibank card  handy for awesome lifestyle and shopping deals.  Scroll through our guide of top nail designs for summer and start planning your mani.

1. Half and Half

 Half and half – Live More Zone

This is one of the most straightforward nail art designs to create. All you need is two different colours or textures to create a half and half design. You can pair a warm colour (orange, red, yellow) with an excellent colour (blue, green, purple), or if you want to stick to the same colour scheme, try out a mauve with the deep purple combination. If the texture is more your style, then club together with a metallic glitter nail polish with a matte finish. Half and half look best when done diagonally.

2. Pastel French Tip

Pastel French Tip  – Live More Zone

French tips are always in fashion, and you really can’t go wrong with them. This summer, take a break from traditional French manicure, and instead, opt for a summery pastel shade for your tips. The delicate pop of colour is the perfect summer nail art twist on the classic.

3. Rainbow Nails

Rainbow Nails  – Live More Zone

One of the most eye-catching nail designs of the season, rainbow nails are all things bright, warm and vibrant. Stripes, swirls or waves, jewel tones or pastel shades, and nail designs for summer, there are no rules! Let your creativity flow and show off talent in manicure form. We promise your rainbow nails will get all the attention they deserve!

4. Metallic Dots

Metallic Dots  – Live More Zone

If you are in the mood for sophisticated yet straightforward summer nail art, look no further than metallic dots—one of the easiest and best nail art for those who like a minimalistic mani. Pick your favourite metallic shade, simply dot the polish onto your nails, and finish the look off with a clear topcoat. You can either keep your nails nude or add a base shade.

5. Colour Block

Colour Block  – Live More Zone

While some nail art designs require a lot of work, some are pretty easy and effortless. Colour block is one of them. You need to select 3-4 colours to paint in a gradient from light to dark on each nail, and you have a cute manicure for summer. Since this is an easy to create mani, you can change it frequently and sport a new combo every few days.

6. Summer Bloom

 Summer Bloom – Live More Zone

If you love flowers, then this manicure is perfect for you. You can either pick one flower for all nails or select a different flower for each nail. No matter how you wish to create your look, floral mani is one of the most popular nail designs of the season.

7. Neon Lines

Neon Lines  – Live More Zone

Looking for easy-to-achieve nail designs that you’ll want to show off all summer and beyond? Say hello to delicate neon lines—select two electric colours to bring this mani to life. Apply one shade on the edge of the tip and the other just above the cuticle, and let your hands do all the talking. 

8. Star Struck

Star Struck  – Live More Zone

Some nail art designs are so versatile that you can create and recreate them in many different ways. Star nail design is one of them. Get yourself a few stars shaped nail sticker, put them on your light pink or nude nails, and finish them off with a shiny topcoat. If you don’t want to use stickers, you can draw tiny stars in different shades on top of your natural nails.

9. Cool Waves

Cool Waves  – Live More Zone

Nothing says summer quite like sun, sand and sea. When the weather gets warm, opt for nail designs that will cool you. Try out multi-coloured waves in either shade of the sea or setting sun to keep your tips interesting.

10. Check-Mate

Check-Mate  – Live More Zone

With so many dynamic nail art designs to choose from, there are going to be days when you’re not quite sure which design you want to wear. When in doubt, turn to a classic. There is no way you can go wrong with a striking check pattern on your nails. There is something for everyone, from an evergreen black and white combination to a dramatic hot pink and red pairing to posh neon and nude duo. 

11. Candy Camo

 Candy Camo– Live More Zone

A pretty combination of subtle and bold camo nail art is perfect for the summer. But instead of the all-green, opt for delicate candy colours and create your camo combination.

12. Retro Vibes

Retro Vibes  – Live More Zone

Summer is a great time to go back in time and get inspired by the groovy 70s styles. From psychedelic, swirls to tie and dye designs to concentric heart pattern, deck your nails with one or all of these iconic motifs. While you can try creating them yourself, it is best to get your retro nails done by a professional nail artist for a polished finish.



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