27 March 2019 | 2 min read

Save Money And Spark Romance With These Simple Date Ideas


The summers are here, and while that may mean fixing your ACs and packing your winter clothes, it’s also the season when people start going out. Now you could do that alone, with your friends, or you could finally ask that someone you’ve always wanted to go out with.

Come April, restaurants would be full of people out on dates, though for college students or people on a tight budget, that may not always mean fancy outings. That doesn’t mean that they shouldn’t be dating; it just means that they’ve to prepare for it a bit more than the others. For the couples on a budget, here’s our guide to sparking the romance with date ideas that are both romantic and inexpensive. And remember, these are just a few tips – we think it is a good idea to embrace your creativity and come up with unique ideas of your own as well.

The Little Things

You don’t always have to head to a fancy restaurant to have the date of your life; sometimes, the best connections are made at places you can go to for free {or at least by spending a small amount of money}. Take a walk on the beach, head to the numerous museums in the city, or just find a sunset spot and spend some alone time there.

Tip: Make sure to pick up some flowers to make up for all the fancy things you’d definitely not be doing on the date. Our suggestion? Get one home delivered to them in the morning itself from an online flower-delivery service or just keep it old school with the local flower vendor down the street.

Keep It Sweet And Classy

Now this is probably the most important part, as you can’t just spend the whole day taking a walk at the beach {remember; it’s summers}. Don’t fret as there are quite a few places, where you can spend very little and have a hearty meal at, though it might not be a full-fledged dinner/lunch.

Stay Home

It may sound a bit too cheap at first, but if you’ve got your room decked up and ready for people to come over, we’d say that the best dates are often held at your place. Make sure you know them enough to pop that question because it may look slightly out of the ordinary, to just ask someone you met at a bar to come over for a date next weekend.

Now go ahead and plan something special for your special someone, right away!

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