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Simple And Easy Desk Exercises For A Fit Body


If you are reading this blog, we want you to do yourself a favour – stand up and walk if you are sitting. Sitting for hours in your chair is terrible for your health. Nowadays, it is called new smoking. Because it is as dangerous as smoking cigarettes. We don’t mean to scare you. Our plan is just to make you aware of the problem and how you can fix it.

Why shouldn’t you sit too much?

 Why you should not sit too much – Live More Zone

Believe it or not, sitting is the reason behind health ailments such as weight gain, bad postures, heart disease, high blood pressure, and other severe conditions. Even though most of us are now working from home using the no-time-for-exercise excuse more than ever. That’s why we have put together a list of desk exercises that you can do  at your convenience. If you are working from the office, you can leverage lunch hours for long walks. Whenever possible, I prefer standing instead of sitting and walking instead of standing because every effort counts in leading a healthy life.   

Do these simple yet effective desk exercises every day. These basic exercises will get your blood pumping, prevent stiffness and injury, and even build up strength.

1. Arm Pulses

Arm Pulses  – Live More Zone

This office exercise requires you to stand up at your desk, keep your arms by your side and palms facing behind. Now you have to pulse the arms backwards for 20 seconds, maintaining arms extended and straight. Repeat the exercise at least 5 to 7 times. 

You can do this home exercise anywhere, anytime.


  • Improves breathing 
  • Tones your shoulders, triceps, and biceps
  • Relaxes your muscles

2. Arm Circles

 Arm Circles– Live More Zone

It’s effortless and similar to the first exercise. Stand with feet wide apart, arms extended straight out to sides at your shoulder height. Move your arms forward in circles. Keep the circles small and slowly make them bigger until you feel a stretch in your triceps. Do it 20 times in this direction, then reverse direction and repeat.


  • Works several muscles
  • Burns calories
  • Relieves you from neck pain, headaches, and shoulder pain

3. Wall Push-Ups

Wall Push-Ups  – Live More Zone

Stand in front of a wall, just over an arm’s length away. Place your hands flat on the wall and make sure they are kept at a distance that’s wider than your shoulders. Inhale and bend the elbows, bringing the body toward the wall. Squeeze the core and buttocks to maintain a solid and straight position. Maintain the position for a few seconds and then push off the wall with the arms, keeping the hands on the wall. Your feet should remain flat on the floor. Do it 20 times every day.


  • It helps build shoulder and chest strength
  • Reduces the risk of heart disease
  • It Burns calories and helps in maintaining a healthy weight

4. Chair Squats

 Chair Squats – Live More Zone

You can pull it off between meetings, on a call, any time. All you have to do is stand up from your chair, lower your body, stopping right before you sit back down. Press through your heels to bring yourself back up to a standing position. It’s that simple! Do at least ten repetitions. Desk exercises like this one are a great way of keeping your health on track.


  • Works your hamstrings, calves, abs, lower back, and butt
  • Improves breathing
  • Regulates blood pressure 

5. Seated Bicycle Crunches

Seated Bicycle Crunches  – Live More Zone

This sitting exercise is much easier than the regular crunches. Take a sturdy chair for this office exercise. Sit on it with your feet flat on the floor. Position your hands behind your head and lift one knee toward the opposite elbow. You were twisting your body down toward it, keeping your core engaged. Then return to the seated, straight-back position. Complete 15 twists, and then repeat on the other side.


  • It helps in activating the abdominal muscles
  • Improves blood flow
  • Burns calories

6. Oblique Twists

 Oblique Twists – Live More Zone

It’s as easy as it gets. Use your swivel chair to your advantage. This sitting exercise looks like a child’s play but is loaded with multiple benefits. Sit upright with the feet hovering over the floor, hold onto the edge of your desk. Use the core to swivel the chair to one side as much as you are comfortable. Slowly rotate to the opposite side, then return to the starting position. Repeat the exercise 5 to 8 times. 


  • Strengthens core muscle
  • Improves balance and posture
  • Enhances flexibility

7. Neck Rolls

Neck Rolls  – Live More Zone

Do not underestimate the power of neck roll exercise. Basic exercises like this one can do wonders for your health. Stiff neck is a common problem that most of us suffer from due to sitting in the same position all day, staring at our computer screens. That’s the reason desk exercises are now gaining the popularity that they deserve.

Turn your head to the left, look over your shoulder, hold the position for a few seconds, and swap to the other side. Now, drop your chin and roll your neck 360 degrees. Follow the same steps and start moving your neck from the opposite side. Do 5-6 reps on each side.


  • Relaxes your muscles
  • Improves blood circulation
  • Keeps blood pressure in check

8. Shoulder or Arm Stretch

 	Shoulder or Arm Stretch – Live More Zone

1st variation: Clasp hands together above the head with palms facing up toward the ceiling. Push your arms up, stretching upward. You can even lift your heels while doing this to get a full-body stretch. Hold for 2 to 3 deep breaths, then come back to the normal standing position.

2nd variation: Stretch your left arm as far to the right as you can and bend your left elbow to support your right arm. Hold it there for a few seconds, and then do the same again with your right arm. Do 5-6 reps on each side. You can do this home exercise anytime to relax your muscles.


9. Chest Stretch

Chest Stretch  – Live More Zone

This one is the easiest yet one of the most effective desk exercises. Stand at your desk. Clasp hands behind the lower back and push chest outward. Don’t forget to keep your chin raised. Hold for 2 to 3 deep breaths. Do multiple reps. 


  • Relieves pain
  • Helps with stiffness
  • Promotes good posture

10. High Knees

High Knees  – Live More Zone

Last but not least is high knees exercise. Stand up and try to get your knees as high as you possibly can. It’s as simple as running in place, but your focus should be bringing your knees high. You can even tap your palms on your knees to get into a rhythm. Do this exercise 20 times. Gradually you can increase the count.  


  • Burns calories
  • Strengthens leg and core muscles
  • Reduces stress level

If you are looking for guidance regarding a proper workout routine, can help you. Learn from professional trainers online at your convenience.



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