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Different Ways Of Wearing Scarf


It’s no wonder that scarves are everyone’s favourite accessory; it is that one piece of garment that can pep-up any outfit and any look. Scarves are absolutely versatile and fit all shapes and sizes – even if you put on or lose weight, on your good days and bad – they can go well.

But, how to tie a scarf? What are the ways to wear a scarf? Everyone has their own favourite way. We’ve handpicked some of the best ways for you. All you’ll need is a very basic, large scarf. You may use a shorter scarf too but that’s perfect for neckties and basic drapes. With longer and larger scarves you can try more complicated knots.

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1. A Simple Braid

A Simple Braid – Live More Zone

How to wear a scarf simply? Here it is. Fold your scarf and place it as half around your neck. Now, pull the loose ends through the loop, making sure not to pull very tight. Then, twist the loop and pull the loose ends through the loop again. Following this pattern, keep twisting the loop with one hand and pulling the ends through until you run out of the scarf. There! You’ve got a simple yet beautiful braid – so perfect for scarf styling!

2. The Classic Loop

The Classic Loop – Live More Zone

This knot is so easy and looks so so good! Never fails. Fold your scarf in half and put it behind your neck. Bring both ends to the front and pull the loose ends through the loop. And that’s it!

3. Knotted Necklace

Knotted Necklace – Live More Zone

Place a lightweight scarf (something in silk or mulmul would work great) around the back of your neck. Tie a knot on one side and then the other. Pick the loose ends and tie together. Turn the scarf around so the ends are at that back, and the knots in the front, mimicking a necklace.

4. The Cowl

The Cowl – Live More Zone

Put your scarf around the neck with one end much shorter than the other. Wrap the long end around your neck twice and then tuck in the loose ends. If your scarf has a fringe, adjust so that a little fringe hangs down in front. Simple, isn’t it?

5. The Shawl

The Shawl – Live More Zone

Simply drape your scarf around your shoulders and let it hang down on each side in the front. Simple! You probably cannot find an easier way to style your scarf.

6. The French Knot

The different ways to tie a scarf are truly amazing. For the French knot, put the half folded scarf around your shoulders. Take a loose end and pull it over and under the loop of your scarf. Place the second end under and over the same loop to create your French knot style.

7. Simple Neck Knot

Simple Neck Knot – Live More Zone

For this scarf wearing style, wrap a small scarf around your neck twice, making sure that the ends come together on one shoulder. Now, tie the ends together once and toss one end over your back while the other stays on the front.

8. Double Bandana

Fold your long scarf lengthwise in half. Now, grab the diagonal ends and tie them together. Put this over your neck, twist and loop again. How to wear scarves depends on your personal choice, of course. But this scarf wearing style has to be the easiest.

9. False Knot

False Knot – Live More Zone

Wrap the scarf behind your neck; take one end and wrap around the neck into a loop. Pull it and make a loose knot. Pull the other end through the side knot. Make sure that it goes under the loop and then over the loop.

10. The Tie

The Tie – Live More Zone

How to use a scarf so it looks like a man’s tie with a feminine touch? Wrap the scarf around your neck, so the ends come evenly in the front. Cross the left side over the right, then bring it behind and through the loop around the neck. Take the end on the right, pull it toward the left and push it upward through the loop that you just created. Adjust the knot until it resembles a loose necktie.

11. A Knotted Shawl

A Knotted Shawl – Live More Zone

Just like you’d drape a shawl, place the scarf around your shoulders. Tie both the ends at the back into a knot. Pull the ends tight and high on your back. Pull the scarf down to cover the ends.

12. Two-side Twist

You’ll need two of your favourite scarves for this kind of styling. Place them back to back. Loop around your neck once and turn the fabric to see both sides. That’s it! You have scarf styled two ways!

13. Side Bow

Cross one side of your scarf over the other around your neck. With your right hand, take a bit of the scarf into a loop. Wrap the left side around the loop and down through the hole, almost as if you were tying your shoelaces. Tighten the knot and turn the scarf, so that the bow sits at your shoulder.

14. Rolled Loop

Wrap your scarf around your neck once and take each end up and over the neck loop. That’s it, you have a nicely rolled up look to your scarf.

15. Double Loop

Loop your scarf twice around your neck. Take one end over and down through these loops and tie the loose ends together.



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