2 November 2020 | 4 min read

Celebrate Diwali With These Amazing DIY Ideas


We are officially in the month of Diwali. The festival of lights is all about auspicious things and festivities that celebrate the victory of good over evil. In India, it is celebrated with much pomp and joy. From lighting up diyas to gorging on decadent sweets that remind us of our childhood. There is so much to celebrate on this day even in a year like 2020.

With everything on our mind, it is necessary to practice social distancing, adhere to the safety norms and celebrate Diwali from the comfort of our home because ultimately Diwali is all about togetherness, bliss and everything beautiful. This Diwali, Spark Something New by bidding farewell to firecrackers and excessive socializing. Instead, stay in and celebrate the homecoming of Lord Rama after fourteen years of exile in a traditional and low-key way.

Decorate your house to the tee, clean every corner of your abode and make space for sitting in the balcony in the evening and listening to all the bhajans cued up on our Diwali playlist. In this time of social distancing, you can even organize a virtual party with your extended fam.

And if you haven’t started on shortlisting DIY Diwali decor ideas, we have all the tips and tricks lined up for you. Take a look and get inspired! Here are 7 Diwali decor ideas you need to try this year.

1. Hand-painted Diyas

Hand painted diyas - Live More Zone

Your Diwali Diya decoration won’t be complete unless you bring out your inner creative child and spruce up that earthen diyas. Use fabric paints, glitter or even Mehendi to create beautiful designs and place them in every nook and cranny of the house. There is no Diwali without diyas hence get cracking on adding that special touch to yours.

2. DIY Lamps

DIY lamps – Live More Zone

From empty mason jars to glass bottles that might be lying around your house, you can create beautiful DIY lamps that can be hanged or placed as centrepieces amidst your homemade decoration items. Paint these bottles and jars with unique designs, place a tea candle inside it and voila, you have your lamps ready to impart that glorious glow to your house. This handmade decor idea is a classic for a reason.

3. Colourful Lanterns

Colourful lanterns - Live More Zone

From paper lanterns to the store-bought one, any lantern would suffice when it comes to your DIY ideas for Diwali. For the former, you can cut up beautiful paper designs out of craft papers and adorn your lanterns with it. The store-bought lanterns are small enough and can be hanged in your garden or in the puja Ghar where you will conduct the evening aarti.

4. Fairy Lights

Fairy lights – Live More Zone

Until you hang all the fairy lights imaginable from your balcony or rooftop, there is no way of completing your Diwali decor. This, along with the handmade Diya decoration, makes for the traditional way of decorating your home for Diwali. Go for a long fairy light rope and wrap it around your climbers in the garden or only on the railings of your home. You can never go wrong with fairy lights when it comes to DIY home decor ideas for Diwali.

5. Rangoli Decoration

Rangoli decorations – Live More Zone

It takes hours to make that perfect Rangoli with all the colours possible, but it is always worth it. And that is why you cannot skip on this Diwali decoration tip. If you are feeling a little extra artsy, add flower petals and diyas at the intersection of different colours on your Rangoli. The result is always gorgeous.

6. Floating Candles

Floating candles – Live More Zone

Not a traditional form of Diwali decor but aesthetic and beautiful, floating candles add that extra touch of modernity to your decorations. Place a large bowl on a table or any place where you want these floating candles to impart their glow. Now, fill it up with water and add 5-6 or more (depending on the size of the bowl) tea candles in it. You can even add flower petals and glitter in the bowl, but even the tea lights on their own would look amazing and accentuate the lovely corners of your home.

7. Torans

Torans – Live More Zone

Last but certainly not the least, when it comes to Diwali decor, Torans are unmissable. A part of our tradition, hanging these colourful torans on the door is considered auspicious and thought to bring in the blessings of Goddess Laxmi. She is the Goddess of wealth and happiness as per Hindu mythology and traditions.

Rather than buying it from the market, go DIY with torans and make one with old cardboard pieces, scraps of paper, glitter, neckbands and everything that you think will add to the making of a beautiful Toran. After all, this year’s Diwali is all about sparking something new.

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