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Fitness Tips To Achieve Your Dream Body


There is little doubt in our minds that when it comes to healthy living, many of us miss the mark by many miles. This is because our crazy eating habits, coupled with a hectic urban lifestyle have made us lethargic and unhealthy.  Add to that the unlimited number of advice and tips that we come across, almost daily are either too time-consuming or impossible to follow {yes we know that bacon and caffeine are not good for us, but we are still not going to give it up}.

At the end of the day, though there are amazing advances in workout gear and new ways to exercise, the best advice is the most obvious: Eat well, move more, sleep better and just do you. So to help you out, we have put together seven usable advice, that can help you live a better, healthier and happier life. Bonus: all of it is one place.

1. Eat Breakfast Daily

Eat Breakfast Daily - Live More Zone

Starting from the beginning is always a good idea. Eating a healthy morning meal helps you have a more successful and productive day as it gives you the physical {and mental} energy to complete your morning tasks. For a long-lasting boost, pick a meal that combines carbohydrates with protein, fat or fibre.

Tip – If you don’t have time to make breakfast, try these quick recipes that you can make under half an hour. Alternatively, you can also check out bigbasket for healthy snacks as well. Don’t forget to use your digibank bigbasket Debit card and get up to INR 2,400 cashback.

2. Stay Hydrated

Stay Hydrated - Live More Zone

More than anything else, your body needs water to stay alive. Not only does water keep your kidneys functioning properly, but it will also keep you feeling full when those mid-morning hunger pangs strike. How much should you drink? Science keeps getting different numbers every year, but it is safe to say that drink when you are thirsty. Also, a glass of warm water with lemon in the morning is a good way to boost your digestion system.

3. Sit {And Stand} Up Straight

Sit {And Stand} Up Straight  - Live More Zone

This has been said over and over again, that bad posture can create major health risks. Too much sitting and slumping forward can result in rounded shoulders, stiff necks, and alignment issues from head to toe. {backache, anyone?}

To combat the issue, make sure you have an ergonomically correct workstation, which allows you to stand and sit up straight without having to look at a computer screen. Make sure you hold your phone up when you text, rather than craning your neck down. Another good advice is to get a hands-free earpiece as it will prevent you from scrunching up your head and shoulders. It goes without saying that some level of balancing and strengthening exercises is also recommended.

4. Find A Workout You Love

Find A Workout You Love  - Live More Zone

Not even the best workout routine will help you if you do not like it and stick to it. Neither will it help to sign up for a marathon if you don’t like to run or get a gym membership if you don’t intend to go. That being said, exercise is good for you and it is super important that you find a routine that you love so that it keeps you motivated to go at least three times a week. The best part? Once you find your routine, you will stick to it, out of interest rather than obligation.

5. Quit Dieting

Quit Dieting  - Live More Zone

Equally bad as a workout that you hate is a diet that you dislike. When you restrict calories and consume food that you do not like, you might lose some weight initially, but they will eventually come back. Plus, a diet without proper research can really harm your body and cause unhealthy weight fluctuations that can result in increased risk of cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and high blood pressure, as well as binge-eating and self-harming behaviours.

If you really want to eat more mindfully, we recommend you get in touch with an experienced dietician.

6. Wear Comfortable Shoes

Wear Comfortable Shoes  - Live More Zone

Everyone knows that wearing stilettos all through the day, every day are bad for your posture/feet and can result in backache.
On the other hand, flip-flops or flats that offer little cushion or arch support are no better. No matter what type of footwear you like, the key is to wear it in moderation. For example, if you wear heels at work, commute in a pair of sandals or sneakers that are more comfortable. Don’t switch back and forth between one extreme to the other, as that can sometimes lead to muscle strain and tendon injury in your calves and feet.

What’s your favourite tip? Don’t forget to share it with us.

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