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6 Best Earth Day Celebration Ideas


We are living on borrowed time from our future generations, and if we don’t act on the current climate change crisis, we might end up leaving behind an irreparable planet. This is why environment advocates and people who saw this as a threat to humanity’s home started movements and summits where actionable ideas will be discussed to save our Earth. One such movement was formed on 22nd April 1970, and we celebrate it as Earth day every year.

The ethos and vision of the Earth Day celebration are pretty simple – spread awareness and revolutionize the world towards a sustainable and greener future  that uses renewable sources of energy. Instead of the singular goal of Earth Day, this year’s theme is ‘Restore Our Earth’. The mission of everyone who looks forward to Earth Day celebrations should be to raise awareness on environmental issues and ways to restore our earth.

6 Best Earth Day Celebration Ideas

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When it comes to hosting Earth Day activities, there are plenty of ways to celebrate our dedication towards eradicating all the environmental issues that plague our planet right now. And the key to bringing about changes that will create a long-lasting impact is to come up with Earth Day celebration ideas that you can act upon in your workplace, school, college, or any other institution where you work or spend time. Some of the ways to celebrate Earth Day that are not only fundamental but innovative are:

1. Conduct a community-wide plantation drive

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With all the commercialization, we all know we need to be planting more trees. For every new complex built around the globe, trees are shed like they don’t matter. Thus, the first way to celebrate Earth Day anywhere should be to plant a tree. You won’t bear the fruits of it, but the future generations would. To make this Earth Day celebrationto the next level, make it big by involving your entire community or neighborhood. Even if you manage to convince one person to plant a tree, that is still twice more than you do it alone.

2. Pledge to donate and volunteer with climate advocates and organizations

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There are various NGOs, small organizations and even a group of climate advocates and environmentalists who do the grunt work of standing up to restore Earth. They not only go on protest marches but ensure that all of the issues that might not get mainstream media coverage is brought to people’s attention and dealt with swiftly. The one thing they thrive and work on our donations. If you cannot step out, sit down, do your research, and donate to such organizations. And maybe volunteer with them in any small way you can. 

3. Start working on your green garden

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Right from saving water to using cloth bags, there are several small yet impactful ways to save our planet. And one such way is to grow your garden if you have space and have the farm-to-fork experience. Not only you would be eating food made from fresh produce but also lessening the burden on the resources of Earth. Even a tiny garden  with raw vegetables goes a long way in helping the environment as all the plants emit oxygen which is in short supply in high rise buildings in the city.

4. Leave behind fast fashion

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If you like to change your wardrobe with each season, the best kind of Earth Day celebrationfor you would be to stop doing this. Moreover, ditching fast fashion and opting for sustainable alternatives is another way to help save the planet. When you go for fast fashion, not only you get stuck in a loop where you are constantly buying new clothes at a lower price but discarding them frequently as they are not of good quality and wear out.

In contrast, sustainable fashion helps the planet as you are buying clothes of quality and made from breathable and biodegradable fabric that won’t have adverse effects on the earth.

5. Gamify the experience of reusing and recycling

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Whether you want to do it in the office or at home, putting an incentive on the Earth day activitiesnot only makes it fun but memorable. You can create recycling stations in your office or neighborhood, educate people via presentations and links on the importance of this day, and award exciting gifts and incentives to people who take steps to make our planet healthier—giving bonuses to employees who recycle waste to awarding hampers to the ones who create the least amount of waste.

6. Host a virtual Earth Day Party

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Everyone loves a great party, and when it comes to ensuring more people turn up for the Earth Day celebration,hosting a party is a great idea. You can do it virtually, too, given the surge of Covid-19 cases.

Educate people about the importance of standing up for environmental issues and have a dress-up theme where people are asked to wear a made of recycled material. Center all fun activities and games like a scavenger hunt, trivia quizzes around Earth Day topics, and sustainability, hence educating everyone. Also, if you plan to do it physically (with all precautions and safety measures in place), bring your old clothes and other items that you won’t use and swap or donate them.


Even the smallest and tiniest act on one person’s part goes a long way, and if you can manage to convince just your friends and family to embark on a mission to restore our planet, we will be able to slow down climate change. All of this should not just be observed and followed on a single day in the year, but every day.



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