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5 Easiest Instruments To Learn


“If music be the food of love, play on.” – William Shakespeare

Indeed, music happens to be the food of not just love, but soul too. The melodic tunes and rhythms strung together to give us hope, inspiration and, sometimes, heal our weary and anxious minds. This is why a world without music is unfathomable to most of us. Similarly, a world without musical maestros is not only out of our imagination but bleak and dreary. If you ever had the inkling of picking up a musical instrument to string together a song of your own, now is the best time to act on it. After all, learning to play a musical instrument is as rewarding (maybe more) as it is to listen to songs on a monotonous, happy or any other day. And with most of the country under lockdown and working from home, there are great tutorials online to learn music instruments of your choice. Intrigued?

Here are a few of the easiest instruments to learn:

1. Ukulele

Ukulele – Live More Zone

A mini-version of the guitar, the ukulele is light, portable and perfect for beginners. A dainty musical instrument, it has four nylon strings that can be strung to play the most soothing tunes.

Among the musical instruments to get you started with your music lessons, this is pretty easy to learn. You will find plenty of tutorials on YouTube to learn the basic chords and will be able to play a few songs as well, in no time. Plus, with no jarring sound, you can practice all day long without giving yourself and your neighbours a headache.

2. Piano

Piano – Live More Zone

There is no better place to start than the piano if you are learning instruments to play for creative expression, freedom, and escapism. Given how it forms the basics of music as an art form, it is considered one of the best musical instruments to learn.

A modern piano today consists of 88 keys – 36 black and 52 white. These keys make up the keyboard which is used to play the piano. High on any musical instruments to play, the piano is a versatile instrument that allows you to play anything from classical jazz to a traditional and popular form of music.

And it might seem complex and exhausting to learn, but it is straightforward once you get the notes and rhythms. Of course, you will also have to know the two clefs – treble and bass, but both makeup for the foundations of musical instruments and help understand the core of theoretical music.

Moreover, learning piano is a formative experience when it started at an early age. It is one of those instruments to play that helps de-stress, build self-esteem, and concentrate long hours. Thus, if you have ever thought of which is the easiest instrument to learn, the piano is a good choice.

3. Electronic Guitar

Guitar – Live More Zone

Invented in the 1930s, an electric guitar is another most accessible instrument to learn if you specifically want to learn guitar. The functioning of the electric guitar is simple. A pick-up is used in the electric guitar to convert the vibration of the strings into electrical impulses.

The vibration, of course, is usually made of metal and happens when you strum the string. The electric guitar also happens to be the easiest instrument to learn when compared to acoustic guitars. The strings (which can range from 6 to 12) are not only lighter, but the neck is also thinner, and the hands get used to the chords effortlessly. All of this ensures that you stick to learning this instrument instead of giving up midway.

Moreover, there is more creative freedom with an electric guitar that you will learn about once you pick it up.

4. Violin

Violin – Live More Zone

One of the best musical instruments to learn, a violin, belongs to the family of string instruments. A high-pitched instrument, this one involves a bow that is used to play its four strings. If you aspire to learn this musical instrument, you will be opening your musical composition options to country, jazz, metal, and folk. Moreover, this is one of those instruments to play that helps develop coordination, concentration, and a lot of discipline.

Not only this, when you start on the violin, you would be required to sit in an upright position for an extended period. Violin also requires you to have great upper body strength, and thus this instrument is a workout in itself.

5. Flute

Flute – Live More Zone

Belonging to the woodwind family of instruments, a flute happens to be the most accessible instruments to learn. It produces sound via the passage of air across its multiple opening. While the traditional flutes were made from wood, you can procure one in metal today.

Silver flutes are considered for producing brighter sound, and wooden ones are known for a darker sound. Playing the flute is a relaxing exercise and more accessible than string and another type of instruments. You can learn the first three notes in a few classes, and it is all smooth sailing from there.

While these are some of the most accessible instruments to learn, there is a variety of them you can choose from, depending on your interest. Pick what you like the best and stick to the practice consistently. This is the best time to learn a new skill and play musical instruments is quite popular and beneficial. Buy your favourite instrument using Digibank debit card and get amazing discounts.



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