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Best Ways To Celebrate Eco-Friendly Holi


With a burst of colours, various sweets and snacks and DJ parties that resemble rain dances because you are grooving to the best Holi songs out in the playground, the festival of colours is right around the corner. If you have been celebrating this festival in your usual ways, it is time to switch it up for the sake of the environment and yourself. The planet is choking, thanks to all the toxic colours that have become the norm in the garb of celebrations. This year, there will be the added paranoia thanks to a particular virus that upended our lives in 2020.
All of this doesn’t mean that the festival in itself won’t be fun. Because even when you do decide to celebrate an eco-friendly Holi, it is oodles of fun with all the fanfare, laughter, colours and of course, the delectable dishes.

Why do we celebrate Holi?

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Before we give you holi celebration ideas, you must know the inception of the festival. Initially and even today, Holi is celebrated to announce the arrival of the spring season. It is auspicious, and a joyous occasion wherein the flowers and the colours signify the myriad hues’ spring season. However, that quickly morphed into the commercialized version of modern times, merely putting the environment in danger. Use of water balloons, toxic colours lead to pollution and wastage of water when this is already becoming scarce.
Thus, it becomes even more important to go back to our original roots and celebrate a green holi.

Ways to celebrate an environment-conscious Holi

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That said, if everyone comes together to do their bit and celebrate the festival of colours in a better manner, we will be creating a significant impact and helping reduce pollution. Here are a few things you can keep in mind when you go shopping for this beautiful festival. Keep your zest high, but pollution low!

1. Make natural colours at home

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Instead of buying toxic colours harmful to both your skin and the environment, why not make eco-friendly Holi colours? Almost all of your primary colours like yellow, red, pink, green can be easily made at home. For yellow, mix turmeric with flour, for red, you can dry beetroot, grind it, and mix it with flour. If you want orange colour, take henna leaves, dry them, and crush them. For red, any red-tinted flower like rose or hibiscus will do. The process remains the same, dry the flowers or leaves, grind them to a paste and add flour to increase the quantity. All of these are sourced naturally and don’t react to your skin. Plus, they are biodegradable and good for the environment. It is a win-win!

2. Go for dry holi with flowers

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When water is already scarce, especially in the cities, it is ignorant to douse each other with buckets of water. Of course, it is easier said than done when it comes to ditching water altogether but make the conscious effort to celebrate a dry Holi. The planet and the future generations will thank you for it.
You can always replace water with flowers and throw petals on each other. It is harmless and a more significant signifier of why we celebrate this festival in the first place.

3. Reduce waste and compost it

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That being said, don’t let the flower petals go to waste. Collect it afterwards when you do your cleaning of the neighborhood and the house and make a compost out of it. Plant your choice of fruit, vegetable, or flower in this compost. Use, recycle, and grow it all over again. This is an excellent example of an eco-friendly Holi celebration.

4. Don’t buy pichkaris and water balloons

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While we are stressing the dry Holi point, you should also ditch the pichkaris and water balloons. Not only is the latter harmful, but both of these products are mass-produced with plastic that won’t degrade. We already have colossal garbage piling up in landfills, thus avoiding these two products on Holi this year is a welcome measure in your endeavour of celebrating eco-friendly Holi festival.

5. Celebrate a wholesome and food’ilious’ Holi

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Saving water means ditching those DJ Parties with sprinklers to give the illusion of a rain dance. Instead, opt for the finer things of this celebration – delicious and lip-smacking snacks that are served in every single household. Gorge on those gujiyas, Dahi bhalle, gulab jamun, namak pare and down it all with the refreshing thandai. You can always party at your home or in the garden or backyard with your friends and family. It is equally splendid.
When it comes to celebrating Holi, there are plenty of ways to do it. But when you keep the environment and the planet in mind, you do your bit towards healing Mother Earth. It is a small step, but a step, nonetheless.
Plus, when you stay away from wet and toxic Holi celebration, you are better prepared to control social distancing and all the other safety measures given we are still reeling from the pandemic. Thus, have an eco-friendly Holi and be safe!



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