24 July 2020 | 4 min read

Feeling Extra Lazy? Here Are 8 Ways To Get You Moving


We are living in very uncertain times – this means that due to social distancing, we are avoiding going out, which includes gyms as well. This might have impacted our daily exercises, and given the numbers of hours we spend in front of the laptop, a healthy lifestyle might be getting difficult to maintain. However, there are ways in which you can reduce your lethargy and feel better – here are the easiest five ways to get you moving and start feeling energised in no time.

Jumping Jacks And Squats During Commercial Breaks

You are bound to watch a lot of TVs when feeling lazy. So, if you don’t feel like going for a properly planned exercise routine, here’s what you can do – do some jumping jacks when there’s an advertisement break on TV. In your pyjamas! This way you won’t even realise that you’re giving your entire body an excellent workout while watching TV. 

You can alternate between jumping jacks and squats for each break. Of course, Netflix doesn’t have commercial breaks. In that case, you can time yourself for the jacks and squats for 7-10 minutes twice a day. 

Spot Jog For One Song


This is the best way to exercise without actually exercising. Instead of feeling guilty for not following an elaborate workout routine, this is way better. Most songs are over 2 minutes long. 

Spot jogging for that amount of time 2-3 times a day will get you fit to run a marathon before you even realise it! 

Brisk Walk In The House For 20 Minutes


The best way to do this is by getting yourself a fitness tracker wrist band. That way, you can keep a check on the number of steps, the distance walked, calories burned, etc. 

However, if you do not wish to invest in a fitness tracker, you may walk briskly for 20-30 minutes in your house (at a stretch). Walking, as is known, is the best way to burn calories without putting the body through any significant effort of lifting weights or body twisting exercises.

Flat Abs In Five Minutes


Exercising cannot get any simpler than this. Lie on your back, either on the floor or if you have a firm mattress then in bed. Do crunches without a break for two and a half minutes. Take a 10-15 seconds break. Now do leg raises for two and a half minutes. Lie still for another 10-15 seconds before you get back on your feet. That’s it! Doing this routine even once every day, will make you feel the burn in the abs and feel energised. You can increase the counts and frequency if you wish to later.

Stand Up At Least Every Hour


The adverse effects of sitting all day are not new to anyone – in fact, being hunched over a keyboard and not even taking a lunch break can have disastrous consequences. Also, if you are super busy, it is essential to break your daily routine and make a conscious effort to move around, at least once every hour. 

Take a walking call, go to the washroom, make some tea or go out into your balcony. Better still, put an alarm in your phone that will alert you every time you skip standing up at all. 

Sweep And Mop


No, we are not kidding! No matter how small your living space is, sweeping all the rooms with a broom and mopping the floor using the traditional bucket and cloth method is the best way to get an all-body workout every single day. Having a clean house and a quick workout are the two-fold incentives to make you want to do it every day.  

Home Workouts


Yes, that’s right; a good workout does not entail you to leave your house, or even the sofa. There are many easy exercises and home workouts that you can do from home and will not require gym memberships. 

Cult Fitness has you sorted with a range of online classes with trained instructors – all from the comfort of your own home. What’s stopping you now? Read more here. 

Sleep Better 


It’s not all about exercise – our daily routines have a real impact on our overall health and wellbeing. And getting enough sleep is crucial to being fit, and the ten thousand devices you own, which distract you on the daily are not exactly helping you sleep better. So, reduce all the chatter of devices you have got coming at you at least an hour before going to sleep, and you should find you start to have a better rest and day ahead. 

While exercise is an essential factor in your daily routine, remember not to beat yourself up if you can’t make it sometimes. We all skip the exercise regime for a night on the sofa occasionally, but consciously trying is the first step towards a healthier lifestyle. Go, guys, you have got this.




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