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An Ultimate Guide To Applying Eye Makeup


When it comes to makeup  – your face, your rules! From clean and simple to bold and dramatic, you can create as many looks as you want to. But, while you can experiment with all your features, the easiest way to try out a new look is by switching up your eye makeup.

Wondering how to do eye makeup for different occasions and the various ways of applying eyeshadow? Below, we have put together a guide to our favourite eye makeup tutorial. While some prefer essential eye makeup, others may want a more striking one. So, from a classic smoky eye to innovative eyeshadow techniques and statement-making winged eyeliner, bring out your brushes, liners, mascara, and eyeshadow palette and start creating these stunning looks yourself.

1. Natural look

Natural look  – Live More Zone

The natural eye makeup look is a perfect day-to-day wear look. It is easy to do and can be built up later accordingly. All you need is gel or pencil eyeliner for the eyelids, kajal for the waterline and waterproof mascara. To add a hint of colour to your look, you can apply a thin layer of dark brown or indigo blue eyeliner instead of a black one and subtly dab on a neutral eye shadow—an easy to create look that doesn’t take much time and can be worn on multiple occasions.

2. Ombre Effect

 Ombre Effect – Live More Zone

For the past few years, the ombre eye makeup look has been trendy. You can try out different colour schemes and gradient eyeshadow techniques with an ombre look and let your creativity run free. For doing the ombre effect select two or three eyeshadow shades for your look. Start sweeping along the inner corner of your eye with the lightest shade in your ombre eyeshadow look. Repeat the same with the other colours. Keep the darkest shade on the outside, and make sure you blend the colours well to create a smooth ombre gradient effect.

3. Cat eye

Cat eye  – Live More Zone

The cat-eye look is a popular evergreen one that will always be in trend. It is also one of the most challenging looks to create. The trick to mastering the winged eyeliner look is selecting the right kind of eyeliner and having a steady hand to draw on a flawless flick. Depending on how thick or thin you want the wings, you need to opt for a gel, liquid or pencil eyeliner accordingly. Once you have mastered the winged look, you can try out different types of cat-eye looks.

4. Classic Smokey

Classic Smokey  – Live More Zone

The smokey eye makeup is a timeless and iconic look that has been a favourite of everyone from Hollywood celebrities to brides to pop stars. There has been multiple version of this look, but there is something special about the classic black smokey eye look. You need black and grey eyeshadow, dark eye pencil, an eyeshadow brush, and an eye pencil brush for this look. If you want more than two colours, include a variety of different shades of grey eyeshadow. The application method for this is similar to the ombre effect one. The trick to acing this look is applying the eyeshadow and correctly blending it. Depending on your preference, the smokey eye look can be matte or shimmery or a combination of both.

5. Cut Crease

 Cut Crease look – Live More Zone

Suppose you haven’t heard about the cut crease eye makeup you are not the only one. Many are not familiarised with this technique. This look involves defining your eyelid crease by cutting across it with a lighter eyeshadow shade. This makes your eyes appear more comprehensive and more open and adds depth and dimension. Start by dusting an eye shadow in a neutral shade that matches your skin tone. Then sweep a darker eyeshadow just above the crease of the eye, close to the brow bone. Next, apply a light concealer across the lid to clean up the edges of the darker eyeshadow. Layer a light or cream eyeshadow over where you’ve applied the concealer. You can create this look with various combinations and use metallic and glitter colours for a glam vibe.

6. Double Winged

Double Winged  – Live More Zone

If you love the glamourous super-elongated winged eyeliner look, you are going to love this one too. In the double-winged look, you have a wing on the upper eyelid and the lower eyelid. You can create this look with classic black or use different colours. In addition, the double-winged look can be paired with varying techniques of eyeshadow to create a dramatic effect. This is a statement-making look and perfect for those who like to experiment with their eye makeup.

7. Halo Spotlight

Halo Spotlight  – Live More Zone

The halo spotlight look uses strategic eyeshadow placement to create the illusion of more comprehensive and rounder eyes. It involves applying eyeshadow in a specific way that you sandwich a very light colour with a darker colour on both sides of the lower and upper lids. With this technique, you bring the light to the centre of the eyes, and they appear naturally larger. This eye makeup technique complements any eye shape and can be done with any shadow finish, colour scheme, or intensity.

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