13 May 2020 | 4 min read

Here Is How to Stay Excited About Latest Fashion Styles During Social Isolation


Who said fashion is only for the outside world? Just because you are stuck at home doesn’t mean you can’t have fun with fashion styles. There is so much more to fashion than runway shows, latest trends, and shopping. Fashion is about styling, inventing, and creating. It is about experimenting with the old and what you have and crafting something new from it. It is a way to express yourself, and these ideas will get you excited about fashion during isolation as well as post it too.

1. Shop Your Closet

Shop Your Closet - Live More Zone

You know all those outfits you keep promising yourself you will wear them someday soon? Guess what? That day has arrived! Time to shop your closet and experiment with your style.

Have you always worn that top with a pair of pants? Why not wear it with a skirt instead? Or how about styling the top as a blouse and pairing it with your mom’s saree? With endless styling options to play with, now is the time to try out something you been wanting to. Mix, match, layer, accessorise, and create new looks from old and forgotten pieces. Once you start shopping in your closet, you will make fun new looks without purchasing a single new piece. This is a great way to cut down your spending as well as put an end to “I have nothing to wear” daily dilemma. Win-win.

2. DIY – Do It Yourself

DIY – Do It Yourself - Live More Zone

It’s sad but true: You don’t have the heart to part with some clothes. No matter how stained, worn, or torn that item is, you can’t get yourself to discard it. Your best bet: Find a creative way to alter those unwearable items. Say hello to Do-It-Yourself, aka DIY, and the quintessential go-to for fixing things and giving it a makeover.

Paint over your stained jacket, make an apron out of your shrunk shirt, repurpose your old t-shirt into a tote bag or braided rug, redesign a skirt as a dress. The options are never-ending. Pick a piece you want to work with and transform it from rag to fab.

3. Recreate

Recreate - Live More Zone

Have a favourite iconic look? Now is the time to recreate it and give it your spin. This way, you get to experiment as well as express yourself and showcase your sartorial skills. Always wanted to try out Yves Saint Laurent’s Le Smoking or maybe Christian Dior’s The New Look or perhaps one of Sonam Kapoor’s Aisha outfits? Then do it! Recreate and restyle a red carpet, vintage or classic iconic look and make your style statement.

4. Make A Mood Board

Make A Mood Board -Live More Zone

Desperate times call for desperate measures. Creating a mood board of all your favourite fashion styles will give you the high putting on a bomb outfit normally does – you can either do this through Pinterest or through the creation of a physical board.

Get out all the old magazines you have stashed under your bed and start snipping out things you want to emulate once isolation has come to an end—be it certain hues, things you know you already own, or pieces you think you might want to invest in. Paste them {or pin them} all together, and put it somewhere that you frequent, so that you can remind yourself of the great outfits that are yet to come.

5. Plan Your First Post-Isolation Outfit

Plan Your First Post-Isolation Outfit - Live More Zone

This is a tricky one, because depending on who you are, thinking about getting out of isolation might make you anxious. We don’t know what the weather will be like once it’s over or what season it might be, and going down that rabbit hole might not be for you.

But if you are ready to overcome that hurdle, you can always mentally plan your first office outfit {and same for date night, going for drinks with my friends, etc.} The process will remind you that there will be a day that everything is normal again, and when it comes, you will appreciate it that much more. You can check out Koovs which has an exciting collection for all occassions.



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