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6 Best Feel-Good Series That Makes You Happy


Sometimes, just a movie night is not enough to get you out of the slump that can be life. There are shows with four seasons and more that keep you company and comfort you in times of distress and despair for those long days of feeling blue. And if you have been looking for recommendations, you have come to the right place.

Today, we talk about the tried and tested feel-good tv shows of all time. You know, these shows will be there for you when it hasn’t been your day, your week, your month, or even your year (Bye Bye 2020!). Moreover, you can always (I repeat, always) circle back from the trending series and come back to these golds for a good laugh and time. Ready for a month-long binge-fest? These shows got you covered. Just pop in those corns and fizz out your favorite drinks and you are all set.

1. F.R.I.E.N.D.S

Really, where do you think we were going with that pun from the intro song of this timeless classic? This show needs no introduction, but if you are still uninitiated and haven’t watched it, the story follows six friends who live in New York City and go through the ups and downs of adulting in the real world (it sucks, right?). From crappy jobs to love and heartbreak to become adults in their way and right, the reason why F.R.I.E.N.D.S will always be the number one go-to feel-good tv series for so many people is because of its relatability and humor. It still manages to crack you up, and some of you even have the lines memorized.

2. Schitt’s Creek

This contemporary cult classic that got the ‘Netflix bump’ and recently swept all the four Emmys for the leading casts has become famous for all the right reasons. You follow the lives of the Roses as they lose all their money because their manager duped them. They lose everything bar one small town that Johnny Rose (the patriarch of the family) bought as a joke for his son, David Rose. This town becomes their saving grace and also where the entire six seasons pan out. The show is all about love, resonance, family, and growing out of your bubble to embrace what you have right now. You laugh, weep and get all emotional with Johnny, Moira, Alexis, David, and the rest of the town. It certainly is a feel-good series of our times that you can’t miss out this at any cost.

3. Brooklyn 99

One of the best feel-good Netflix shows that is still going strong is Brooklyn 99. With a diverse cast of actors from all backgrounds and a storyline that follows the cops of the 99th precinct on adventures, mishaps, and daily antics, you are bound to fall for their subtleness. And along the way, each character grows in such a profound manner that you are left rooting for all of them. Follow Jake Peralta’s absurdity as he tackles one criminal at a time in a friendly way. Cheers to the None-None!

4. The Office

If you can get through the six episodes of season one, and make your way to the ‘booze cruise’, you will fall for this show. And there won’t be any turning back after that. This office mockumentary was shot in such a manner that has comments from each of the characters, making it all the more humorous. The leading man, Steve Carrell stars as Michael Scott, the affable yet sometimes offensive boss trying his best to make his employees happy and motivated at work. All his antics are well-intentioned but almost always miss the spot, and that makes the entire plot all the more entertaining. Seriously, have you had a boss who burned his feet on a George Foreman Grill and acted it out the whole day in the office? Neither did we but employees of Dunder Mifflin Paper Company did, which is one reason why this is one of the best feel-good shows you can watch in the lockdown, especially if you miss your office!

5. Modern Family

The modern family may not come to your mind at the outset when one talks about feel-good web series but is undoubtedly qualifies as one. A joint family that hangs out together and grows together is what this show is all about. It ran for a total of eleven seasons and made us laugh, cry, and sympathize with Pritchetts, Dunphys, and Tuckers’ decisions. The show catapulted Sofia Vergara to global fame and made her the highest-paid television actress for many a year.

Safe to say, you will love Vergara and the entire cast of Modern Family as they journey through life together with their eccentricities and that of their kids. Makes it relatable at points and hilarious at others.

6. The Good Place

Another feel-good series Netflix has to offer is The Good Place. An underrated yet beautiful show that dabbles in life beyond death. Starring Kristen Bell as Eleanor Shellstrop, the show begins with her reaching ‘The Good Place’, where you arrive if you have done the right deeds during your time on earth. However, the only glitch is Eleanor doesn’t belong to that category and from there the drama, humor and the plot of the series take off. You are in for a surprise, twists and turns, and a lot of philosophy references. Take notes if you are inclined in that direction and watch this mother-forking good show to get rid of all your blues seriously.

What are you waiting for? You have more than a months’ worth of content to binge. Do you have the time, though? Find out for yourself.

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