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7 Foot Care Tips You Must Follow


Your feet are your body’s foundation, and they carry you along all day long. Years of wear and tear is hard for your feet, and they can also affect your overall health. So, keeping your feet healthy is very important. It is advisable to follow a good foot care regime at home to avoid unnecessary problems. There is a wide range of foot care products available to choose from these days. All you need to do is follow your foot care regime properly and show them some extra love that they deserve!

1. Wash your feet

	Wash your feet  – Live More Zone

The skin of your feet is easily prone to fungal and bacterial infection as you are always wearing shoes throughout the day or exposed to dirt and pollution. The chances of getting an infection are higher if they are not thoroughly washed and cleaned. Usage of soap ensures that all the clogged-in dirt and sweat are washed away, leaving them clean and fresh.  So, make sure to wash your feet every day with soap and water. Soaking your feet with warm water can also make you feel relaxed after a long day.

2. Keep them dry

Keep them dry  – Live More Zone

Dampness is also a common reason to get different kinds of fungal infection. So, make sure you completely dry your feet after every wash. Keep a check on the area between the toes. Make sure to wipe them properly, especially if you are wearing an enclosed shoe right after washing your feet. Even when you wash your feet before going to bed, ensure they are completely dry before you get comfortable in your blanket.

3. Moisturize

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Don’t restrict the moisturizer only to your face and body, and your feet need them too! The skin can get dry and chaffy if you ignore the moisturizer. The dry skin  then results in cracked heels, which is unpleasant to look at and very painful. So, apply a generous amount of moisturizer every day after drying your feet. There are various foot creams and natural butter such as shea butter and cocoa butter available in the market these days – choose whatever you suit. Simple petroleum jelly also works wonders.

4. Apply sunscreen

 	Apply sunscreen – Live More Zone

Sunscreen is an essential part of our lives now. We never step out without it because we are all aware of the damage the sun causes  to our skin. Likewise, don’t forget to apply sunscreen  on your feet too before you step out. You can choose anything above SPF30 for the long hours when your feet are exposed to the sun, like going barefoot or wearing sandals. You can also make it a habit to apply sunscreen even when you are indoors. 

5. Remove dry skin

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Moisturizing won’t help if you don’t exfoliate the skin. So, make sure to remove the dead skin two-three times per week to avoid the additional build-up of dry skin.  Many foot care products are available, like a pumice stone or callus remover, to eliminate those unwanted dead skin.

They also help in removing the dirt stuck to the hard skin. Oh, and don’t forget to follow it up with a hydrating moisturizer. You can also make your homemade scrub by mixing sugar and olive oil and adding a few drops of peppermint or tea-tree essential oil. These essential oils are best known for their anti-bacterial properties.

6. Occasional Indulging

	Occasional Indulging  – Live More Zone

An occasional self-pampering session is always fun. Instead of spending a bomb on a fancy pedicure, you can do your foot care regime at home by following simple steps. Start by soaking your feet in some warm water. You can also add crystal salt, shampoo or even some essential oil of your choice. After 15-20 minutes, trim your toe-nails and gently exfoliate your feet with a pumice stone.

You can also use a DIY foot mask, keep them on until they dry and wash off. After cleaning them, dry them thoroughly and apply a hydrating foot cream. You can also use cuticle oil if you have it. It is also essential to keep yourself hydrated, so keep drinking enough water throughout the day.

7. Wear comfortable shoes

	Wear comfortable shoes – Live More Zone

Choose your shoes wisely, as you spend a lot of time wearing them. A pair of high heels may look pretty but can cause damage to tissues and ligaments in the long run and are also a reason for chronic knee, hip, and back pain. It is essential to know the right fit and design of shoe for your feet.

Tight-fitting shoes can damage your toe-nails or cause skin infections, whereas the loose fitted ones will not provide enough cushioning, causing blisters and other issues. So, wear comfortable shoes. Do not ignore any symptoms such as redness, sore feet, or itchiness that does not go away. Consult the doctor as soon as you can and address such issues.

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