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6 Best Friendship Movies You Must Watch


We can all agree that friendship is an emotion more than a relation. Unlike other connections, friendship is not made in heaven or by blood relations. It just happens when you find something in common with someone. Friends help us find out who we are. They help us get through difficult times. We feel happy around them. In short, friendship is a beautiful bond that you cherish all your life. Friendship Day is around the corner, so we have pulled together some of the movies on friendship that celebrate this unique bond. Since you won’t be able to meet your friends because of the forever-ongoing lockdown, you can pick some friendship movies out of this list and host a watch party for them.

Usually, friendship movies are feel-good movies that you can watch anytime. However, watching friendship movies on friendship day holds particular importance. These movies about friendship make you laugh, cry and help you unearth different facets of friendship. Share this list of best friendship movies with your gang to decide on the movie you all want to watch. Avail flat 50% off + Additional 10% off on ZEE5  subscription by paying for it with digibank Debit Card.

Ready to enjoy some of the best on-screen friendship tales? Let’s get started!

1. Pitch Perfect

Beca arrives at Barden University as a freshman. She is a loner musician who is asked to join the all-girls acapella group of the school. At first, she refuses. But due to unavoidable circumstances, she eventually joins the group. Soon enough, she realises, the group consists of girls from different backgrounds – some are mean, some funny and some even weird. The only thing that connects them is their love for singing. Gradually, Beca finds some fantastic friends in the group. She takes her acapella group out of its comfort zone of traditional arrangements and pushes all girls to be the best version of themselves to win the college music competition. Apart from being super funny, this movie is about friendship and some excellent performances.   

2. Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara

This is one of the best friendship movies Bollywood has ever released. Three friends Kabir, Imraan, and Arjun meet after ages for Kabir’s bachelor trip, where they face their worst fears together. The journey enables them to sort out the differences that were keeping them apart. In short, the trip changes their life for good. Some of the scenes from the movie make you laugh hard, and some make you grab the tissue. But this movie makes you miss your friends.  

3. The Boy in the Striped Pajamas

Set in the era of World War II, this holocaust drama movie presents the horrors of a Nazi extermination camp from two 8-year-old boys’ point of view – Bruno and Shmuel. Bruno is son of the camp’s Nazi commandant, and Shmuel is a Jewish prisoner. They become good friends right after they meet each other at the fence of the camp. The strong performances by both the boys and the innocence of their friendship make this movie a must-watch regardless of having a tragic ending.

4. Karwaan

It is a real gem amongst comedy-drama movies on friendship. This story revolves around three characters Avinash, Shaukat, and Tanya. When they take a road trip to Kochi to sort out a misunderstanding. This trip changes their lives forever. They realise their true callings in each other’s company. The beautiful bond between these three people of different age groups teaches us that age is not a barrier to friendship. Some of the comedy scene from the movie are epic that you can enjoy with your friends.

5. Scoob!

Most of us have grown up watching Scooby-Doo cartoon series. The all-new Scoob! – one of the best movies on friendship allows us to re-live our childhood days. You may have watched several movies on friendship, but this one is extraordinary. The plot of the movie is similar to other Scooby-Doo films and series. It’s about Fred, Daphne, Velma, Shaggy, and Scooby’s combating an evil villain who abducts Scooby. Besides comedy, mystery, and a lot of drama, the legendary friendship between Fred, Daphne, Velma, Shaggy, and Scooby is worth watching. Make sure you watch it with your gang. 

6. Axone

This slice-of-life comedy-drama movie is about a group of friends from the northeast states of India who live in Delhi. The story is about an important day for the group, one of the members of the group is getting married. So, her friends try to cook a traditional pork dish for her wedding, but they cannot do it as their landlady does not allow them to cook it on her property. They try different ways to accomplish their mission of cooking this particular recipe, but they fail several times before they finally succeed. This movie entertains us while subtly enlightening us about the inherent racism in metro cities. When was the last time you and your gang got into inadvertent trouble and had a blast while doing it? 

Make this Friendship Day extra special by enjoying these movies about friendship with your friends!



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