13 August 2020 | 4 min read

 6 Ways to Upgrade Your Date Night at Home


Exploring new places for fun, carefree, cosy date nights was many moons ago. And in present times, it continues to be a distant reality. For couples, especially those isolating separately, navigating this new normal here to stay, brings its share of challenges. Maybe you are in the early phases of getting to know each other or have been together quite some time. Either way, by now if planning regular Zoom/Hangout date-nights seems a bit of a chore or plain movie nights has started feeling a bit stale, you might want to rejig things a bit. The ones quarantining together as well (lucky you), have more options no doubt, but routine can set in.

Feel ideas running dry for how to keep the spark going? Read on for six simple tips to jazz up those date nights at home. A dash of creativity and planning and the Internet for inspiration galore, there’s a lot you can do together sitting at home — even those who are screens away from each other. Experiment, discover, learn and create things and memories; go on, it’s worth a try. 

Game Night


 If you aren’t avid gamers, you can always settle for some good old school fun. Bring on those competitive board games that bring out another side. Disclaimer: competition in a way that’s playful and fun. You could also order these super cool 1000 piece adult puzzles. It’s patience ridden path as it takes quite long to do them. But it’s some extra time with each other and not like you have to be somewhere anyway. There’s also a whole lot of virtual games, including puzzles. Figure the kind you like, and it’s game-mode on!

The Art Of Mixology


Take stock of your home bar, ideate and whip up interesting concoctions for your cocktail—Channel your inner mixologist. With time, you’ll get the hang of recipes to save or toss. If wine or beer is your calling, then you can also try a trend that has recently caught on. Take virtual wine or beer tasting sessions together across the world, right from the comfort of your home in your pyjamas. Some alcohol, some munchies, and a new world to explore, need we say more?

Create Art Together


Put on your apron or some old rags, and you’re up for an art attack. Start with simple things around at home, or pick the medium of expression you like best, get your art-illery ready and voila! Try fluid art or acrylic pouring or anything abstract. If you feel artistically challenged, you’re not alone. Most of us sail in the same boat but hey! There’s hope for us with several easy tutorials on Instagram and YouTube that literally handhold you to learn cool tricks, with things as simple as your childhood water paint set. Until you can repaint the town red in a post COVID world, why not indulge in therapeutic hues on paper or canvas instead? 

Bond, Baking Bond


 With the lockdown producing a bevvy of chefs and home-grown bakers, why not pick a favourite dish you’ve had together and try recreating it. Baking can be even more challenging, for it can get messy, especially if you’re a newbie. While known to be a stress buster, at first the whole figuring, sieving, double boil melting, whipping et al. can get quite overwhelming. But what’s nice is sharing these moments of vulnerability with someone special. And imagine that sinful batter when done right, can make time stand still for a bit with each bite.

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Jazz Up A Spot In Your Home


The post lockdown Internet is especially flooded with DIY videos to redo spaces, however big or small. Even if it’s merely crafting something unique for your bedside or hanging on the wall. Look around your house, and you can also upcycle things if acquiring new tools is hard. A fun building or assembling session is an option too, in case ordering DIY furniture is on the cards. 

Tell A Tale 


 If you’re feeling lazy and want to chill, dig out those old childhood pictures and make it a storytelling night. Relive old memories, especially those with a fun backstory, the cringe ones too. Do you have your embarrassing teenage ones as well, when you puberty was not so kind? Even better! You never know the old memories you stumble upon and the new things you find.



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