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6 Fun Learning Activities for Kids At Home


As a parent, you love spending time with your kids. However, sometimes it can be overwhelming, especially in the current pandemic situation when you have to keep them indoors all the time. On top of that, you have to juggle your time between household chores, work from home and dedicating time to kids. Frankly, the ‘new normal’ is not a normal scenario for any of us. That’s why we have prepared a list of fun learning activities for kids. These kids learning activities are easy to arrange indoors, super entertaining and educational.

If you look at the bright side, the current situation is a blessing in disguise. Perfect opportunity to connect with your kids and teach them things that otherwise you couldn’t. Engage them in fun and educational activities to let them learn about new things. Tip: Shop with your little ones on the Me n Moms website and enjoy an attractive discount. Find out more here.

Six fun learning activities for kids to enjoy at home:

1. Sidewalk Letters

Sidewalk Letters – Live More Zone

Make alphabet practicing fun for your kid with this simple, fun learning activity called the Sidewalk Letters game.

  • Draw a giant board that has multiple grids on the floor using a calk.
  • Now write an English alphabet letter in each grid. Make sure the alphabets are not in order. Scatter them throughout the board and leave some blank space on the board as well.
  • Now it’s time to play the game! Ask your kid to jump on the alphabet ‘A’ and then to ‘B’ and so on. If the distance is too much, they can step on blank boxes to reach the following letter.
  • There are different variations of this game. It can be used to spell their names and practice word spellings.

Such fun and educational activities allow your kids to use their motors skills, recognize letters, practice spelling, and more.

2. Match Word & Definition

Match Words – Live More Zone

If you are looking for engaging learning activities for kids at home, we have got you covered. Here’s yet another educational yet entertaining game that your kids would enjoy.

  • Cut small rectangle-shaped cards from chart paper.
  • Write a word on one card and its meaning or definition on another card. Write multiple words and their meaning in the same fashion.
  • Mix everything in a container and ask your kids to pick all the cards one after the other. The challenge is to make a set of 2 cards containing the word and its definition.

Fun learning activities like this one allow kids to jog their memory and be entertained at the same time.

3. Bottle Cap Match

Bottle Cap Match – Live More Zone

This activity is a perfect blend of math and crafts. Your kid will not only love it but will enjoy preparing for it.

  • Write down simple match equations on sticky notes and stick them on the top of a bottle cap and write the answers inside.
  • Whenever your kid answers a math problem written on the bottle cap correctly, he gets to keep the lid, or otherwise, the bottle cap stays where it is. The ultimate goal of this activity is to pick up all the bottle caps. This is a multiplayer game. So, your whole family can play it together. The player with a maximum number of bottle caps wins the game!

4. Know the Colours

Know the Colours – Live More Zone

When it comes to educational activities for kids, this one tops the charts. Your little ones will be thrilled about this activity. You don’t even have to put many efforts into this activity. 

  • Place colourful pom-poms in a container.
  • Ask your kids to identify colours and make different sets of similar colour pom-poms.
  • Then ask them to count pom-poms in each set.

It is a simple and engaging activity for toddlers. This type of fun learning activities helps in developing children’s gross motors skills from an early age.

5. Plant a Garden

Gardening  – Live More Zone

Kids are full of curiosity. This activity can help kids discover so many beautiful facts about nutrition, science, and patience. After all, planting a garden  isn’t all about sticking a seed in the ground and waiting for something to grow. This learning activity is an excellent way of getting kids excited about eating the vegetables they have grown.

  • Bring colourful planters, vegetable and flower seeds, and good quality soil
  • Involve your kids even while shopping for all these things
  • Teach them everything from sowing the seeds to watering plants
  • Encourage them to learn more about different types of plants and how to grow them through books and online videos

6. Storytelling Saga

Storytelling – Live More Zone

Kids are full of imagination. That’s what makes them natural storytellers. This activity is perfect for channeling their creativity. Help them build their story in the beginning until they have enough confidence. While enjoying this activity, they are developing storytelling skills without even realizing it. All you have to do in this activity is to give your kids pointers like first frame, character building, climax etc., to design their own story. You can even ask them to draw the story on paper before they present it to you. This will help them think with more clarity.

We think these fun and educational activities for kids will make your life easier. Want more ideas or fun learning activities for your child? Check out our blog on how to engage kids at home



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