24 May 2021 | 4 min read

An Ultimate Guide To Set Up Your Gaming Room


The pandemic and the many lockdowns that have followed have effectively turned our homes into workspaces. As more offices and colleges adapt to this work from home environment, most of us employees and students are stuck at home, struggling to juggle professional and personal duties. But just because you’re expected to work hard doesn’t mean you can’t play hard in your downtime as well.

There is never a wrong time to have your gaming room setup, but now that most hours of the day are spent at home anyway, it’s probably the best time to do precisely that. Gaming can be an immensely relaxing way to spend a weekend — depending on the

choice of game, it helps bring the family together, is a great place to hang out with your friends, but most importantly, it can be an excellent way to spend a couple of hours of the day without missing the outdoors too much.

But of course, it must be done right. A laptop sitting in the corner and an old Monopoly set is hardly enough to be called a “gaming room”. So whether you’re looking for the best gaming room setup or simply a few gaming room ideas to make use of some free space, check out this guide, and you’ll be partying the night away in no time.

1. Choose the right room

Choose the right room  – Live More Zone

No one is going to want to play a game in the dingiest corner of the home. So you try and pick a well-ventilated spot, has plenty of light and more than enough space to set up for your plans. Consider moving around some furniture if you have to, and it’ll be worth it in the long run. Of course, there’s no point setting up a giant table tennis table in a video game room if there isn’t enough space to play either!

2. Decide what to buy

Decide what to buy  – Live More Zone

Your gaming room will mostly depend on your preferences. For some, the ultimate PC, stocked with all the latest games, is all that’s needed. For others, party board games, cooperative video game consoles, and carrom tables may fit the bill better. Be sure to consider all gaming room ideas before setting up to avoid the unnecessary hassle of moving things around later.

Depending on the space you have laid out for the room, plan it out so that things don’t get too crowded. Have areas dedicated to specific games, and decide the lighting in such a way that it’s not too bright or too dim at any point of the day, and you’ll soon have the perfect gaming room.

3. Some things you might need

Some things you might need  – Live More Zone

The suitable chairs: Ask any PC or console gamer, and they’ll tell you that back and shoulder pains are their most recurring complaints associated with the hobby. This can be quickly resolved by getting a good gaming chair, one that comes with ergonomic support for your neck and lower back and will ensure that the niggling pains stay away.

Gaming chairs come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes and with different comfort levels, so it shouldn’t be too hard to find one that fits your needs. Similarly, if you’re looking to set up your gaming room with a few board games or a carrom table instead, make sure you have the proper seating at the perfect height, and it’ll make your experience that much more comfortable.

The right monitor/speakers: Should you get a PlayStation, or an Xbox, a Wii, or simply a dozen board games and upgrade your PC? When it comes to a gaming room setup, there are so many options it may seem overwhelming at the start.

But one thing that’s always going to be handy is an excellent high-resolution monitor. The same logic applies to other electronics like speakers. These accessories, which might seem expensive and avoidable at first, will end up being of value no matter what console you buy. And, if nothing else, they are the perfect addition to a gaming room if you simply want to watch some sports  with your friends and family.

A suitable gaming device  – Live More Zone

A suitable gaming device: If you’re into immersive storytelling games or competitive online games, then a Playstation, an Xbox, or a PC is something you must consider setting up in a part of the house. If you’re looking for a more family bonding experience, opt for a Wii instead, which can access dozens of interactive multiplayer games. Once you’ve made up your mind, however, keep a few plug points handy, so there aren’t wires crisscrossing around your gaming room. Also, make sure you have enough space for accessories, like a computer mouse pad or a remote stand. It helps maximize the space and contributes to the perfect gaming room setup.

Whether you have enough space, nothing lights up a gaming room like a pool table or table tennis set up in the centre. They’ll help set the mood and are, of course, incredibly fun to play.

Once everything is in place, and you’ve checked out all our gaming room ideas, have some fun with space. Put up some playful artwork, get your walls painted a funky colour, and get some lamps to light up the room (unless you plan on playing a game of football!). A theme, while not compulsory, can be enjoyable to have, especially if it’s a place you plan on spending a lot of time. Go crazy with it, and it’s your gaming room, after all.



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