2 June 2020 | 4 min read

5 Easy To Apply Hair Styling Tips Without Cutting Your Bangs


Are you tired of cutting your hair short and ending up with the same look every time? How about switching your hair game sans the scissors. Whether you have straight tresses or short wavy hair from the last visit to the salon, these tricks and tips are perfect for changing your look completely. Before you go and try something new on your hair, we recommend you also keep the below pointers in mind so that you can reduce unwanted damages to your hair. These precautions could be something as simple as buying a thermal producing device to shield your hair against heat damage or carefully scanning the ingredients on your hair label products to ensure that only right ingredients are used in them. 

Precautions To Prevent Hair Damage

So, shake off the haters who tell you that you can’t have your cake and eat it, too, because these three essential damage-free flat hair fix-ups precautions will change your hair game. 

  1. If you apply heat to your hair every day, make sure you also help them compellingly nourish them. An excellent restorative hair mask once a month can do the trick – use products that have ingredients to reduce damage like jojoba seed oil, beeswax, and cocoa seed butter. 
  2. Every time before you shampoo, make sure that you rinse your hair thoroughly with water. This is because shampoo lathers better on wet hair and spreads evenly. Plus you will need less shampoo to clean your hair if you wash them properly with water before. 
  3. Adjust the temperature of your heat styling tool according to the thickness and texture of your hair. People with thick or curly hair require a higher heat setting, while people with more fine hair can use a low heat setting. Plus, it’s best to go with the natural texture of your hair when deciding on the style. Always, remember to start with a lower heat setting and work upwards only if you need it. 

Change  The Partition Of Your Hair

Change the partition of hair

The most cliche trick in the book but it works. If you are always parting to the right, shift it to the left or the middle. Just a change in the volume of your hair from one side to the other will give an instant new look to your entire face.

Pick a Hair Spray

Hair spray for hair styling

There are tonnes of hair sprays just waiting to do their magic on your hair. Pick one from a brand you trust and add the required volume to your hair. Of course, you can always play with your hairstyle. From side ponies to a messy bun, anything that suits your pretty face, use some hair spray on it— just a mere ten minutes for a completely new look.

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Reconnect With Your Curling Iron

Curling iron for hair styling

If it has been lying at the back of your cupboard from aeons, it is time to pick it up and re-style your hair. Those gorgeous side-swept curls you see on your celebs is courtesy of a curling or flat iron. Straighten it all up, or add some lush curls. Add in some shine mist to complete the look.


Texturize your hair

Different types of hair texture are in fashion right now. A straight and clean head crown that opens up to lose and fresh curls! How gorgeous does that look? If your favourite celebs can pull it off, so can you. Go big or go home (or to your dull and bland hairstyle).

Try Hair Accessories And Bandannas

Hair accessories for styling

From messy ponytails to messy buns, your hair accessories like hair ties are sometimes all the magic you need. There is also an onslaught of hair clips, bun cuffs and the popular hair bands to shake up your hairstyle a bit.

And if nothing works, you can always accessorize with a bandanna.

The point is there are various ways in which you can play up with your hair and add that much-needed jazz to it, and you just got to try. And currently, we have all the time in the world. Why not perk up a bit and click insta-worthy selfies from the comfort of your home?



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