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10 Healthy Eating Tips


We all want to lead a healthy lifestyle, but it often seems difficult to implement. Especially when you’re juggling a hectic job on the side. However, we’re here to tell you that eating healthy and good food habits don’t necessarily mean slaving in the kitchen for hours every day. We’re going to let you in on some health secrets with these healthy eating tips.

1. Portion Control

Portion Control  – Live More Zone

Sounds easy enough, doesn’t it? This is especially important when you’re dealing with fatty foods and desserts. No, you do not need to devour that entire pizza just because it said ‘serves one.’ Eat a little bit of everything. You know what they say, ‘moderation is key.’

A lot of us tend to overestimate the amount of food our body requires. To state the obvious, don’t take this to the end by eating just one apple a day. Make sure your meals are a balanced mix of carbs, fats, protein, vitamins and minerals. Don’t binge on too much of just one thing.

2. Always select fresh food

Always select fresh food – Live More Zone

We know how tempting it is to pick up that frozen pizza or that pack of instant ramen, but too much of this can adversely affect your body. These foods are packed with sodium, sugar and other preservatives and are doing you no favour. Don’t be taken in by the convenience.

Instead, pick up fresh fruits and vegetables. Replace that candy bar with some sliced carrots or apples dipped in peanut butter. You’ll find this to satisfy your cravings oddly.

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3. Listen to your body

Listen to your body  – Live More Zone

Intuitive eating works for a lot of people. Your body knows best when it comes to what it needs (excluding sugar cravings). Eat when you are physically feeling hungry. Many of us reach out for that bowl of spaghetti simply because it’s a particular time or because we’re bored. So make sure you’re feeling hungry and feed yourself accordingly.

4. Eat healthier & stock up on healthier alternatives

Eat healthier & stock up on healthier alternatives  – Live More Zone

This can include nuts, berries, fresh fruit, baked veggie chips, nut butter etc. This prevents you from going hungry and reaching for something sugary or salty, which will only give immediate gratification and not be a great idea in the long run. Keep your pantry full at all times so you can stop yourself from impulse ordering in at random times.

In general, half of your plate should be vegetables and eat these before you dig into the meat and the carbs, so you end up automatically controlling your intake of the latter foods.

5. Eat slowly

Eat slowly  – Live More Zone

If you wait an hour to eat after you’re already feeling hungry, you’re more likely to gobble it all up. Eat when you feel the faintest trace of hunger, eat slowly and enjoy your food. This leads to optimal satisfaction and will have you feeling content and full without feeling stuffed

6. Keep a tab on your drinks

Drinks  – Live More Zone

It’s easy to keep drinking gallons of soda or alcohol absent-mindedly without realising what it’s doing to your body.

These beverages are full of empty calories, and. In contrast, it may not feel like a big deal to drink a pitcher of beer in one go or washing down your meal with a can of your favourite carbonated beverage, and this is the fastest way to pump your body with unnecessary sugar and fats. So, unless you’re celebrating something big, try to keep track of how much you’re drinking.

7. Exercise!

Exercise! – Live More Zone

We know this isn’t a healthy eating habit, but it sure helps you stay in shape. Your body will be at its best when you’re pairing your healthy diet with some basic working out. Exercising will also keep you active, build a good appetite and surprisingly, balances out hunger hormones. It’s essential in the smooth functioning of your overall system.

8. Cook bigger portions

 Cook bigger portions – Live More Zone

Enough for a couple of days, not more. So you have easy access to nutritious home-cooked food without spending a significant amount of time in the kitchen daily. You can always get creative with the leftovers (e.g. use leftover chicken to make a grilled sandwich) if it gets too monotonous. This will prevent you from reaching out for your phone to order fast food when hunger strikes.

9. Hydrate when you wake up

Hydrate when you wake up  – Live More Zone

This not only flushes out unwanted toxins but preps up your body to face the day with a significant amount of energy. It also gives you a better idea of your hunger levels and will prevent you from binging.

10. Don’t cut foods out

 Don’t cut foods out– Live More Zone

Staying away from your favourite chocolate cake may work for a while, but sooner or later, you’ll reach a point where you’ll give up, and, at this moment, you’ll end up eating way more than you initially would have. So keep your ‘cheat snacks’ close by and let yourself give in once in a while, and make sure you’re only taking a few bites at a time, just enough to keep yourself satiated.



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