29 April 2020 | 5 min read

10 Healthy Work Habits Everyone Who Sits At A Home Desk Should Have


If you’ve been social distancing and working at home for the last few weeks, the chances are that you’ve spent a lot of time at your home desk. Apart from being one of the best ways to get things done; however, this activity could also be detrimental to your health unless you keep a few things in mind.

From poor posture to not taking enough breaks, sitting at your home desk for long hours could affect your physical well-being. Although it requires a little more effort, you still can keep yourself in optimal shape even if your job demands you spend your entire workday in front of a computer. Read on to find out tips on some healthy work habits.

1. Keep A Bottle Of Water Handy

Keep A Bottle Of Water - Live More Zone

No matter how many times you promise yourself that you’ll drink water when you remember, it’s very likely that you aren’t getting enough of the magic liquid in your system. By keeping a bottle of full water on your home desk when you work, you are way more likely to sub-consciously sip through the day; this work habit keeps you well hydrated and active.

2. Take Frequent Breaks

Take breaks - Live More Zone

Sitting at your home office desk for long hours is understandable, but it might not work out well for your body in the long run. More than two hours at a time will affect your body as your muscles will start to get stiff, and you’ll be too distracted to put in quality work. Plan your schedule accordingly and be sure to include several short breaks.

3. Keep Healthy Snacks

Keep snacks - Live More Zone

Sitting at your home desk could often mean gorging on all kinds of unhealthy food, like chips or chocolate. By keeping a few healthy snacks handy — raisins, or almonds, for instance — you can replace these bad eating habits with healthy ones. Best part? It will help you drive away your hunger pangs minus the calories.

4. Check Your Posture Constantly

Check Posture- Live More Zone

When sitting for long hours at your home office desk, your back tends to collapse and begins resembling a question mark. This is not good for your posture in the long run. Ensuring you have an ergonomic arrangement, sitting up straight, and aligning your head properly with your screen can help you maintain a healthy spine and healthy body.

5. Make A Standing Desk

Standing Desk- Live More Zone

It isn’t always possible to do but having a standing desk is one of the best work habits and not compromise your health. It ensures you’re always focused as well as reduces the pressure on your shoulders, lower back, and neck, making it less stressful on your body overall.

6. Take Short Walks

Take short walks - Live More Zone

Keep an alarm on your phone that goes off every hour or so, which reminds you when it’s time to take a walk. Even a short five-minute stroll to the bathroom and back is fine, as long as you keep moving. Sitting for long hours a day can be terrible for your health, especially your back and spine.

7. Stretch Properly

Stretch - Live More Zone

You don’t have to do a full hour of yoga to keep your body stretched. Just try and remind yourself every few hours to do a full body stretch. Again, it keeps your mind sharp while relieving all the tension that gets built up in your muscles. Even if you don’t know any other stretches, merely touching your toes every couple of hours works.

Tip – offers home tutorials that you can avail from the comfort of your home. A few minutes of daily exercises will help you remain healthy and active, while at the same time decreasing the effects of a sedentary lifestyle.

8. Look Away From Your Screen

Look away from screen- Live More Zone

We don’t realize just how much strain the light from our computers/phones/TVs and laptops puts on our eyes. To avoid a visit to the optician in the near future, remember to keep resting your eyes at regular intervals. Merely closing them for a couple of minutes or practicing some basic eye exercises could do wonders in the long run.

9. Get The Right Equipment

Right Equipment - Live More Zone

From fully ergonomic chairs to keyboards that reduce the pressure on your hands, there’s a lot of equipment out there that can ease the strain from being on the desk all day. Make sure you get an adjustable chair. You could also download software — such as Twilight — to lessen the strain caused by your screen’s light.

10. Adjust Your Monitor

Adjust Monitor - Live More Zone

Your monitor/laptop should always be at eye-level — it’s an easy fix for lousy posture that’s rarely followed. Keeping it either too high or too low can strain your neck, your back, and your shoulders, making it feel like you’ve done way more work than you have. Stack a pile of books under it, or buy a stand online, trust us, it’ll change your life in the long run.

The more time you take throughout your day to do things for yourself, the healthier you will be.



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