12 June 2020 | 5 min read

10 Home Dates To Try This Weekend


You know the importance of regular date nights to keep the romance alive, right? After about a month of staying at home, “date night” probably feels like just a distant memory; one of those pre-staying-at-home memories you remember fondly, like going to the gym or grocery shopping without severe anxiety. However, date nights should still be a part of your weekly routine.

While love in the time of the coronavirus pandemic may not be a top priority, we need to acknowledge our gratitude to have someone by your side to help get you through these tough times. It is easy to take your partner for granted when you are cooped up with them 24/7. It is essential to make time for each other and acknowledge all the precious time you have been given to each other. So without further ado, here are ten at-home date night ideas that you should try this weekend.

Candle Light Date Night

Candle Light Dinner

It might seem like an obvious idea, but it is a tried-and-tested way to dial up the romance. That is why it is an absolute classic! Switch off all the lights and light up candles, light up some incense, put on some soothing music in the background, pour a glass of any drink of your choice, and get ready for a romantic date night. It takes minutes to create this romantic ambience, costs absolutely nothing, and saves electricity! Please do try this at home.

Dance Your Heart Out

Dance at date nights

Our social outings have taken the biggest hit, and our everyday wardrobe is reduced to a rotating bunch of pyjamas and old tees. But even in a pandemic, it is perfectly acceptable to put on some fancy attire, play some upbeat music, and dance in your living room. It also does wonders for your confidence when you get all cleaned up. Dancing in your best attire with your partner is a perfect way to beat those quarantine blues.

Make a playlist on Gaana here.

Plan A Movie Date

Movie date night

Going to the movies is another classic date outing that is sorely missed from the pre-pandemic days. But with a world of fantastic content just a click away, you can always plan a movie date in the comforts of your living room. Make some popcorn, pour a chilled glass of aerated sugary goodness, and snuggle with your better half while you both enjoy an evening of cinema.

Check out our recommendations for shows you can watch.

See the World {Through Your Computer Screen}

Virtual Travel on Date Nights

All our travel plans may be on hold for a while, but with the power of technology, we can visit several places across the globe virtually. There is a variety of virtual tours to pick, depending on your preferences – we have recommended a few here. Pick a museum, a city, or a village that you have always wanted to see and take a virtual tour of that place. Explore the streets and alleys as you get lost and find your way together.

Bon Apetit

Cook together

A couple that cooks together stays together. Cooking is a great way to connect with your partner as it enforces better communication, which can only strengthen your relationship. Pick a recipe online, divide the work among yourselves, and cook a delicious meal together. The result is always satisfying!

Literature Love

Read together

All our dates don’t need to be super stimulating. Sometimes the best thing to do is sit in silence with your partner and read. Reading is a lost art but now, with all the time in the world, start a book club with your partner and take out time to read and relax with each other. You can swap reading material and pick a time to discuss and dissect the stories over a glass of wine.


Solve puzzles

Fancy a nerdy date night? Pick a puzzle with at least 300 pieces and try to finish it in a single night together. Solving a mystery is a surprisingly cathartic and relaxing activity. While it may challenge those grey cells slightly, puzzles are fun and help you and your partner relax and have a chilled out time together.

Gig Night at Home

Listen to music

A lot of artists are live-streaming their performances, and if you and your partner are planning something special with your partner will give you something to look forward to, and we have you sorted with ten fun home date ideas. Music buffs, then live streaming, one of the many concerts available online is the best date night idea. Find out if and when your favourite band, DJ, or performer is live streaming and enjoy a gig night at home. Don’t forget to dress up for each other (we’ve been over this) and get those vocal cords ready to belt out your favourite numbers.

Meet Your Inner Artist

Paint together

Painting is a very relaxing activity that can be enjoyed together. Even during these times, it is essential to keep making memories together and what better way to commemorate that than with a painting of you by your better half. Even if you aren’t exactly Michelangelo, it will still be cherished, albeit hilarious memory you will share with your partner forever.

Let The Games Begin

Play video games

A game night is the best impromptu date night. All you need to do is start that Xbox or take out that Monopoly board and challenge your partner to a night of all the fun games at your disposal. If you are bored of all the games you have, get creative and invent your games. All work and no play makes both of you dull, so make sure to squeeze in games for one of your date nights.



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