4 August 2020 | 5 min read

The Essential Guide For Redecorating Your Home 


Whether you have brought a new home or have been living in a rented space, the sense that your home does not feel complete in terms of décor is a fairly universal feeling. Maybe it is missing some essential piece of furniture, or you have to try to figure out which elements your home is lacking without success – either way, it is okay if you feel that your home is not yet a complete product.

This might be a good thing because it is better to plan the décor of your home over some time rather than at one go, as the latter might result in your home looking over-crowded. Many times, we see designers on TV put together a room in less than 24 hours, we feel we can do the same, but that is unrealistic both in terms of expenses and time.  That being said, putting together a finished home requires planning, and we have you sorted with an essential guide for redecorating your home. Read ahead for tips that you should bookmark, whenever you are decorating a new home or even redesigning your current home. 

Installing New Doors


What is the first thing you see when you enter any home? Of course its the door! A great looking door makes a massive first impression. So when you plan to start redecorating your house, start from the beginning!

Use A New Colour Theme


The trend is never going away. Check Pinterest, and there are so many designer wall decor ideas to take inspiration from, including some that use wallpapers. Matte to glossy, muted to extravagant, self-painted to professionally done – there are a lot of options available for you when it comes to painting your walls.

Lighting Matters

One of the easiest and low-cost ways to make your home feel like a personal space is by personalizing your lighting. Depending only on the overhead lighting can leave areas that you need to be cosier {like your living room and bedroom} too dull and places that need to be bright like your kitchen, too dark.

Lighting can add that drama to your home. White lights give a cooling effect, whereas yellow lights make your room warm and cosy looking. Light holders also play a significant role in how the light is dispersed in the room while adding a little dimension to your new home decor theme. Not to mention, lamps are also exceptional decor items and can genuinely help to make your room look more intentionally styled and filled out.

Replacing Or Refurbishing Old Furniture


Your furniture usually sets the theme of your home. Contemporary, urban, minimalistic, rustic, vintage – there is a lot you can do with your home with just some furniture. So make sure you pick your furniture pieces with care, because they are going to last for a long duration in your house. And that is why it is worth spending extra on these pieces especially if they tick the versatile bracket as well. 

One way to ensure you’re getting something worthy of the space it takes up (as well as the monetary value) is to invest in pieces that can play two roles. Why buy one side table when you can buy a set of three that stack on top of each other? It’s all about multi-functionality and anticipatingboth your current and future needs when it comes to additional surface areas, storage, seating, or serving space. Pair that utility with a design aesthetic you love and you’ve found your perfect home shopping equation. Trust us, it is worth the effort. 

Changing The Style Of Flooring


Changing the flooring may not be in the budget of everyone but if it does fit in your budget, go for it! Turkish style tiles are very in, and it gives your home that warm feeling. Other than that, we always swear by wooden flooring.

Spatial Re-Arrangement


The most budget-friendly way to go about relocating your home is to simply rearrange the furniture around to give your home a different dimension. If you stay on a rental basis, you could even think about shifting to a new place. But there is no denying the  fact that the whole house hunting and shifting process can be a mess! 

Another way is to rent furniture so you can change them at will. Furlenco has some fantastic collection of for rent, and you should check them out.

Bathroom Renovation


I love my bathroom time. It is the one “me-time” I get with no disturbance whatsoever. Therefore, it is imperative that we have a bathroom that lets our think tanks function. A well-lit, pleasant smelling and visually pleasing bathroom is a rare find, and you will thank us for suggesting you go ahead and make your bathroom one such!

Artwork Matters


Having art on your walls is a great way to make your space feel more personal and homely. If your home has a lot of walls, it can be quite intimidating to know the type and size of artworks to hang – however, it is better to shop for artwork with a goal in mind. That being said, there is no harm in buying an artwork you love, although you might have to make some adjustments to accommodate the same. 

Tip – In these COVID-19 time, we recommend you buy artworks from local artists and small businesses, instead of well-known brands. Not only will you own a one-of-a-kind piece, but it will also help you give back to society while supporting good artists of your country. 

Add Some Plant Life


Plants instantly bring life into any space, which is why they are an essential part of any good home décor plan. Having plants in pretty pots and baskets is a great way to add a unique and personalized touch, especially to your living room. Not a natural plant mom? There is a good variety of fake plants or low maintenance plants that you can buy online —highly recommended. 

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