24 July 2020 | 5 min read

10 Tricks To Use When You’re Decorating Your New Home


LA house isn’t home until you start living in it and decorate it as per your style and taste. And if you are fortunate enough to buy a new house for yourself, nothing could beat the joy of decorating it from scratch. From the colour of the wall to the furniture, everything is picked by you. If you are a collector of anything (books, vintage watches or even postcards), then the bliss of displaying your beautiful collection is on another level. 

There are simple tricks that will help you in decorating your new home in the most elegant and sophisticated manner. That’s not all- if you plan to redesign your home and find yourself lacking funds, digibank has you sorted. With personal loans of up to INR 15 lakhs, digibank makes it effortlessly easy to avail loans, giving you more time for life.  Apply for a personal loan here.

Read on to find some incredible home decor tips ahead.

Paint To Your Heart’s Content


From a part of your wall to the entire ceiling or shelves and kitchen cabinets, your whole house is your canvas, and you can paint it as you like. From moody tones to neutral colours or even something that pops in places, it is your new home, go as bold or beautiful as you want. 

Go For Neutral Colour Curtains


Sunlight is an essential element of any place. It gives warmth (literally and figuratively) and brightens up the entire house. To ensure you don’t block natural sunlight with shades, go for neutral coloured curtains. 

Keep It Simple And Clean


Simple and clean with vast spaces is what defines modern houses. And if your home has that vintage air to it, you can still keep it clean and organized. When you have spaces between two aesthetic objects, it gives the illusion of grandiosity. And if you are not the best person when it comes to organizing and decluttering, you can hire a professional to do it for you. 

Go Creative With Your Bookshelves 


Or the shelf that will hold your old vinyl records! The idea is to make the most of your cupboards and paint, colour or even craft it aesthetically. Make sure your collection is visible so glass cases with teak wood fedges will be classy. Or if you want something contemporary, go for those wall shelves that stick and can be put up anywhere in the house, even your bedroom. Confused about what books to buy – we have you sorted here.

Make Your Furniture One Of  The USP


Picking out the right kind of furniture depends on the aesthetic of your home. But if you want to make your selection a notch up, pick furniture with legs. Coffee tables and chairs that have legs instantly free up more space in the room. Also, put a rug under your drawing room coffee table as this accentuates the entire design and adds definition to it.

Do A DIY Piece Of Craft For Your Home


From pencil stands to rugs for your room, there are plenty of DIY videos on Instagram and other social media channels that can bring out the creative side of you. Of course, some of these might go over your budget but focus on the ones that are affordable and easy to make. These are your creation so they can help bring that pop of colour in places you want to accentuate on in your home. 

Go For Hardwood Floors 


This is an understatement when it comes to styling your room. While a rug here and there adds character, your entire house should be done up in hardwood. It adds that touch of panache and chic to the aesthetic of your whole home. 

Space Out Your Artworks Properly


Whether it is an artwork of your creation or a masterpiece you bought at an auction or exhibition, you have to display it correctly. And the rule of thumb when it comes to your artworks is to hang them at the right eye level. It should not be too high nor too low but precisely at the eye level of a medium-built person. Moreover, make sure your artworks are sized according to the wall; you will be putting it upon so that it does not look odd. 

Bring In Nature From Outside 


From fresh flowers in that vase on your center table to pine cones that you collected on the last trip you took to the mountains, the opportunity to decorate your house with elements from nature are endless. Make sure you make the most of it. Even freshly picked items from your garden could do the trick. 

Go Local And Shop From Thrift Stores 


Last but certainly not the least, when it comes to picking up showpieces and random work of art, ditch the mall and its unusual items and shop at your neighbourhood market. The gems you find in thrift stores and the price you pay for it is worth it. Moreover, second-hand objects add that touch of antiquity to the vibe of your home. 

Home renovation or merely redecorating a new house could cost plenty, and this is why digibank by DBS brings you a Fixed Deposit that not only lets you save enough for your renovation projects but also allows you to earn interest. Thus, if you are planning to buy a new house or even redecorating your old one, having an FD for this good be a great idea. 



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