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Stunning Home Library Ideas To Try Now


The biggest thing that the pandemic  has taught us is to stay at home. Most of us were used to spending hours and hours at work and spending very little time at home. But now that we are spending all of our time at home, we experiment with home design. It is said that design is the future of development, and what better idea than to invest a bit in it.

Many of us who have been stuck with nowhere to go decided to spend time reading books, and that is how we hit upon the idea to have a home library. Now I have seen many movies and tv shows where they have shown elaborate a library at home, and it got me thinking, how about we set it up in our homes too. We put our thinking hats on and decided to make an exhaustive list of home library ideas that are super chic, classy and completely doable. 

1. Hang Artwork

Hang Artwork  – Live More Zone

A library is not just a place where you would be spending a lot of time, but it also mirrors who you are as a person and your beliefs. The books we buy and read are a reflection of who we are in real life. Some people, especially celebrities, like to make a statement with their collection of books in a home library setting. It is not uncommon to see many people invest and indulge in a bit of art and hang the artwork in the libraries. People like to turn famous artists and painters into their libraries which they believe could also give them creative ideas. Does that also make you want to have a library at home?

2. Keeping it modern

 Keeping it modern – Live More Zone

One of the new-age home library design ideas is to make a library a modern look. Many people who live in match-box size apartments in cities can’t make a library at home with many furniture. Their idea is to keep it minimal and modern. Instead of buying shelves, invest in good sculptural etageres to show off your book collection.

3. Give an academic look

 Give an academic look – Live More Zone

A lot of bookworms and academics have a home library. What sets it apart from that they manage to give it a look that spells ‘academics’. So for people who are a part of the academic elites or just have a vast collection of books, one of the best home library ideasis to give it an educational look by just investing in a globe, reusing old bottles, an old table fan, a magnifying glass etc. It is honestly not that expensive, and it will ensure that guests keep coming back to your place to get hold of the books.

4. Modular shelves

Modular shelves  – Live More Zone

If you are a stickler for spaces and want something chic yet classy as a home library design, we suggest opting for modular shelves. Opting for a modular shelving system will give your home library a clean and lively aesthetic look and suit your storage needs.

5. Using a mantel

Many Victorian souls live in cities that would just about give tooth and nail for having a Victorian-style home library. If you live in a place with extreme winters, we suggest you invest in a good fireplace and use the mantel to keep your books. One of the classiest home library design ideas is to buy a wallpaper that completes your Victorian look. Buy some thick and heavy curtains to finish off that Victorian-era look.

6. Place a red coffee table

Place a red coffee table  – Live More Zone

If you are looking for some excellent and straightforward home library design, we suggest you simply buy a red coffee table and put it in your library. You can add few plants too for décor, but the red coffee table will give your home library an eclectic look and feel. You can also add a sofa with muted colours that simply blend into the surroundings. This look is perfect and vibrant for those cold winter evenings, where you simply want to snuggle in a chair with a book and a cuppa hot chocolate.

7. Go leather and lacquer

Go leather and lacquer  – Live More Zone

The best part about having a library at home is that you can go crazy with the designing amount. We love this New York-style look where you paint the walls with peacock-blue lacquer and add a leather sofa as a part of home library ideas. It will add a lot of richness and depth to your library and make you never leave your home. PS- Some exciting offers are going on home décor e-commerce sites, and we suggest you use your DBS bank credit card to avail some fantastic offers and collect those points which can be further redeemed for some exciting gifts.

8. The Corner Look

Have an unused corner in your house? Well, what are you waiting for? Pack it up with some shelves (we suggest white coloured ones) and turn it into your very own personal library. Use some fair lights, an old chair that belongs to your grandmother and turn it into a chic home library design. Use compact shelves to add a personal touch and that unused corned into your most loved and favourite corners.

9. Wooden ideas

If you are old school and have a house up in a hilly or mountainous area, we suggest using wood to make your library. Use plaid seating, wood shelving and wood flooring to turn a room into a masterpiece which perhaps can make it to the list of home library ideas that everyone will admire.

10. Built in desk

 Built in desk – Live More Zone

Many people working from home during the pandemic have incorporated a way to make their work a part of their home library. People have added a built-in desk to the bookshelves and made it into an office cum library. So if you want to take a break from work and dig deep into a mystery novel, you can do it without leaving the room.

A home library is the best gift you could gift yourself. It is comforting, warm and welcoming, and more importantly, it is your safe place, a place where you can sit and hide when you don’t want to socialise or work anymore. It becomes a place that truly belongs to you and brings out the real you.  Don’t forget to check the DBS website for more relaxed and quirky suggestions that will make your life easy. Also, check out some of the offers going on with your DBS bank credit cards.



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