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Home Organization Ideas For The Tidiest Home Ever


With the outside heat soaring, it’s time to spend some time indoors. And what better way to get started with the holidays  than a bit of home improvement? Use these home organisation ideas to improve your home as well as beautify it. Finding something is never going to be such pain again! So, let’s get started:

1. Catch tight

Catch tight – Live More Zone

The perfect solution for all the tiny objects around. A catchall {a basket or box} is a great way to store small odds and ends, jewellery and more. Now, you even get fancy and stylish options that look stunning on a coffee table.

2. Plastic containers are not jarring

Plastic containers are not jarring – Live More Zone

From bathroom necessities to dry fruits and everything in between, we can’t get enough of jars. These are like great storage units and come in all colours and sizes. You can even reuse old jam and pickle bottles for storing your things. Like jars, even acrylic or plastic containers are great for keeping tiny knick-knacks, especially if they have dividers.

Decided to start a new hobby of embroidery or DIY? You can store threads, sequences, beads, shells and needles in each compartment of a container. Just make sure that they’re transparent so that it’s easy to find the one you need without opening all of them.

Tip: Decorating jars with your kids offers three benefits – spending quality time, getting a beautiful decor piece to flaunt and fancy pen/ cutlery stands.

3. Divide & rule

Divide & rule – Live More Zone

Are you tired of digging through your drawers? Use a divider to effortlessly separate objects by type and keep them from mixing. This option works for cutlery, jewellery and even socks!

4. Start filing

Start filing – Live More Zone

We’re big fans of filing, not just papers but other things as well! You can fold T-shirts and jeans into neat rectangles and file them in your drawer.

5. Color-coordinate

Color-coordinate – Live More Zone

Colour coordinating things are quick and easy home organisation tips. Be it books on your bookshelf or clothes hanging in your cupboard, and there’s nothing more satisfying than looking at well-arranged things.

6. Hang out with your doors

Hang out with your doors – Live More Zone

Doors can be effective storage spots. Add hooks to the back of the doors to hang bags, shoes, masks and jackets. Some people even use an over-the-door storage unit that keeps their boots neatly and in one place. You can even add hooks to other spots on your walls to hang decor and other stuff.

7. Get furniture with more storage space

Get furniture with more storage space – Live More Zone

If you have TONS of things at home, you also need tons of storage space. Furniture like beds or sofas come with storage space, making it valuable and extra functional for a clean house.

8. Foldable furniture

Foldable furniture – Live More Zone

While on the topic of furniture, foldable furniture is an excellent option if you have tinier rooms. It takes up lesser space and can easily be put away. If you’re working from home, picking a foldable table is a great idea. Simply unfold it during ‘work time’ and roll it back when you’re done for the day. This is also one of the best home organisation ideas for balancing home and work life.

9. Stack & pile on

Stack & pile on – Live More Zone

Wondering how to organise your home but not run out of space with all those storage units we mentioned? It’s time to stack them all up! Pushing multiple file cabinets/boxes together and covering them with a neat tablecloth makes a temporary table. Got stackable chairs that no one uses? Stack books into a neat pile on them, with maybe a pretty vase to top it off.

10. Use windowsills!

Use windowsills! – Live More Zone

The windowsill is a great spot for storing things. Kitchen plants and herbs that need sunlight will thrive on the windowsill of your kitchen. Apart from that, you can also use it as a countertop for all kinds of trinkets and decorative items.

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11. Use the 8-minute rule

Use the 8-minute rule – Live More Zone

If you only organise your home in one go, it’s only going to end up as cluttered as it originally was in the long term. To do away with this, use the 8-minute rule! Every day, schedule just 8 minutes to clean up and put everything in its place. You can adjust the amount of time instead of 8 but keep it short. Longer durations are only going to make you put it off till ‘later’.

12. Label your items

Label your items – Live More Zone

With multiple storage spaces, jars, and so much more being used to organise your home, it can get difficult to know where everything is. You don’t want to clean your entire house, only to pull out everything again because you couldn’t remember where you put something. Labels help you know what’s inside without opening everything. They also come in handy when you’re putting things away. You don’t have to waste time and energy figuring out what goes where.

Now that you’ve gone through our list, it’s time to get started and organise your home. What are your home organisation ideas?



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