5 November 2020 | 3 min read

6 Instagram Accounts For House Decorating Ideas This Festival Season


The most ‘lit’ festivals of our calendar are right around the corner. However, with social distancing still the norm and everyone’s safety a priority, there is an urgency to invent different, unique ways to celebrate each festival consciously. Along with the decadent home-made sweets and the sheer brilliance of numerous diyas lighting up every inch of your homes, this Diwali, spark something new. Or with the right holiday decor and rum cakes, make sure you are all prepped up for Christmas.

Leave behind the urgency to flaunt your new dress, rather stay in, sit back and decorate your house as per the traditions and norms of each festival. If you are fumbling with home decoration tips, follow these amazing and aesthetically pleasing Instagram pages for all the inspiration.

1. Pinkz Passion

If you are into artsy and vintage decor for Diwali or even Christmas and New Year’s Eve, we recommend following Pinkz Passion. Her page is soothing to the eyes with arrangements that are all about maximizing the use of everything you have hoarded up.

2. Kavitha Vivek Of Obsessionz.28

Traditional Diwali Decorations are incomplete without a touch of floral arrangements adorning each and every corner of your home. This is where Kavitha Vivek’s passion page of beautifully done corners of each house with fresh flowers, leaves and bronze statue comes to your aid. You can take home decorating ideas from her page and ensure your home comes alive in the festive spirit for Diwali this year. Keep it minimal, clean yet traditional and beautiful with the help of this page.

3. Shradha B of Urbangreenery12

No festive decor is complete without your balcony. That is where the fun happens as you can add fairy lights, little lanterns and cozy cushions depending on the space to create something magical. If you are looking for festive decor ideas for your balconies, follow this beautiful page. Incorporating green spaces with the right elements, Shradha helps you elevate your space to the next level that will ensure you have a memorable evening.

4. Asha of Being Asha

Whether it is Diwali or Christmas home decor, there is always space for candle stands and vintage decorations, especially for people who want something minimal, artistic and cozy. If you are one of those people, follow Asha on her quest to transform every space with the help of a few colourful candles and vintage pieces. She incorporates all of it with gardening, DIY and bright fixtures yet keep it simple and artistic.

5. Jodie Of jodie.thedesigntwins

If you can handle a little paint and a DIY job, there is no better page than Jodie’s for your Christmas decor inspiration. Classic red and white aesthetics combined with clean and neat spaces, this account is all the inspiration for people who want to go all out for Christmas this year. Her engagement is also high, and you get every kind of decor ideas whether it is those wreaths you plan on hanging on your door or swirling those fairy lights in the right manner, on the right object.

6. Vanessa of newgirlnessi

If bohemian vibes are your go-to for Christmas and other festive decors, Vanessa is your girl. Her page is choc-full of inspiration of muted colours, clean and organized spaces in monochrome. And loads and loads of candles. You can spot it everywhere, right from the bathtub to the hall or just casually lying around your bedstand, making everything much more pretty. Take inspiration from her account if you are all about the contemporary settings full of tapestries and wallpapers.

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