20 July 2020 | 5 min read

10 Ways of How To Be More Self-Assured


There are a lot of things you will be able to tackle with ease if you are self-assured or self-confident. Given it doesn’t come to us in a day, but slowly working on your self-esteem will work wonders for you in the future. From being calm, collected, and poised in situations that could give you anxiety to becoming independent in the real sense of the word, self-esteem people can handle pretty much anything life throws at them.

If you are not sure about yourself, it is going to take a lot of work. Trust me, and I have been there! But it is possible, and with all this free time in our hands, this could be your thing to focus on, during this time. We still don’t know when the vaccines are going to arrive so before it happens and we step out in the world (without any fear), make the most of this time, and work on ourselves. Here’s how!

1. Start Focusing On The Present 

 Start Focusing On The Present  - Live More Zone

A lot of our self-esteem is hinged on the idea of this future version where we will look like we want, earn the money we want and live in a Pinterest-board version house. Real-life is far from that perfect. And chances are most of the illusions we have about what will make us happy are just that – illusions, this is why to become more self-assured, you have to become pragmatic, focus on your goals and enjoy the present. As Oogway told his master pupil, “Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, but today is a gift. That is why it is called the present”. 

2. Give Up On Comparison With Your Peers

Give Up On Comparison With Your Peers - Live More Zone

Comparing your journey to that with people on Instagram or even your friends will do you no good. There is no point because all our journeys are different and filled with our inhibitions and obstacles. We take our own time getting where we want, and comparison only breeds jealousy and ill-will. That is the last thing you want. Instead, focus on celebrating each little accomplishment of yourself and your friends. 

3. Take Care Of Your Body 

Take Care Of Your Body  - Live More Zone

Movement is medicine, and this aphorism is valid for a reason. Even the stoics believed in the power of a walk amidst nature. Do a little bit of exercise, nothing strenuous just a power walk or a jog or even meditating for that matter. When it comes to becoming more self-assured, it starts with your body and your mind. Take care of both! 

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4. Embrace All Your Flaws 

Embrace All Your Flaws   - Live More Zone

No one is perfect, not even Beyonce, Michelle Obama or Oprah and these three women are unanimously the most magnificent our generation is blessed to have known. This brings us to an important point, and there is no point beating yourself up about being perfect. Take all your shots with the preparedness you have done and believe in yourself. Accept your flaws and work on them if they are something you can fix otherwise roll with them, and that is one way you will become more self-assured. 

5. Understand That Not Everything Is In Your Control

Understand That Not Everything Is In Your Control  - Live More Zone

And if you need a more relatable example, the entire first half of 2020 is a prime example of the same. From cancelled farewells to meetings, travel and so much more, the pandemic has reminded us (among many other things) that not everything is under our control and it is okay if things don’t go as planned. You need to pick up from where you can and keep going. The self-esteem kicks in and helps you along. 

6. Thus, Focus On What You Can Control And Change

Thus, Focus On What You Can Control And Change  - Live More Zone

Again, when you have things and situations you cannot control, it goes against your self-esteem and confidence to lament over it. Self-assured people know that this is not worth it and focus on what they can change. 

7. Start Believing In Yourself

Start Believing In Yourself  - Live More Zone

Every step towards building your self-esteem comes down to this. Believe in your damn self. Whether you can nail that next meeting or the project you have been working on or the dreams you have had since you were a kid who saw everything with rose-tinted glasses. That world exists, and you can work towards each goal if you believe in yourself enough. Because who else do you have when it comes to being your cheerleader? 

8. Do You And All The Things That Make You Happy

Do You And All The Things That Make You Happy  - Live More Zone

At every bend of life, never settle and always be conscious of your wants and boundaries. If you know you are right, it is essential to stand up for yourself and be the unique person you are. Conforming to the norm only makes you a part of the herd, and doing you will bring out something fantastic. Also, have that extra cube of chocolate or slice of pizza if that is what makes you happy. Life is too short for fixating on things that don’t make you happy! 

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9. Elevate Your Squad 

Elevate Your Squad   - Live More Zone

Your self-esteem comes from you, but if you are in the wrong circle, it could deteriorate pretty quickly. And you know when you have to change or elevate your squad when it comes to feeling happier and better. If you have an inkling that your circle is not the best for you (including your partner), chances are they aren’t, and you know what to do. 

10. Practice Gratitude And Kindness 

Practice Gratitude And Kindness  - Live More Zone

These two things come above everything. Be grateful for the things you have and extend kindness whenever you can. It not only helps you become more self-assured but also makes you happy, for real. And that is what we want at the end of the day, don’t we? 

Also, when it comes to becoming more self-assured, there are things like financial independence and health insurance that you should not ignore.  



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